More recent changes...
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[2008-04-19]  REL: VERSION 2.41 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008)
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[2008-04-12]  NEW: support for ITUNESPODCASTCATEGORY at ID3v2 and MP4.
[2008-04-12]  NEW: field RATING MM for rating in MediaMonkey style.
[2008-04-12]  CHG: TDRL ID3v2 frame (RELEASETIME) now also supported for ID3v2.3.
[2008-04-12]  FIX: preview at converter 'Filename - Tag' displayed duplicate entries (since v2.40).
[2008-04-12]  FIX: length was not sorted correctly in some cases. On new installations, Mp3tag now sorts by %_length_seconds% numerically.
[2008-04-05]  CHG: renamed 'Explorer Shell Extension' to 'Explorer Context Menu' in installer.
[2008-04-05]  NEW: option for message before removing of tags.
[2008-04-05]  FIX: detection of cover art for display in Tag Panel was case-sensitive and did not detect folder.* including upper-case letters.
[2008-04-04]  FIX: refreshing the directory after renaming the directory via an action resulted in empty file list in some cases.
[2008-03-25]  FIX: displayed data of previously selected file in Tag Panel when clicking on another file while editing in the file view.
[2008-03-25]  NEW: option 'Export duplicate covers' at action 'Export cover to file'.
[2008-03-25]  NEW: option 'General > Use natural sorting'.
[2008-03-24]  FIX: displayed file size in status bar was wrong after undoing remove file operations.
[2008-03-24]  FIX: undo remove file left modified and other technical fields blank.
[2008-03-24]  FIX: case conversion on _FILENAME left blank field (introduced in v2.39n).
[2008-03-24]  FIX: crash when right-clicking on empty file view column headers.
[2008-03-15]  CHG: changed behaviour of F2 and F4 keyboard shortcuts at extended tag dialog.
[2008-03-11]  NEW: helper menus for quick access to placeholders and scripting functions at 'View > Columns...'.
[2008-03-10]  FIX: action 'Merge duplicate fields' had no effect (since v2.40).
[2008-03-10]  FIX: action 'Remove duplicate fields' had no effect (since v2.40).
[2008-03-08]  CHG: converter 'Tag - Filename' runs in separate thread now.
[2008-03-08]  NEW: 'Utils > Convert Codepage' at freedb dialog.
[2008-03-08]  CHG: added mnemonics to filter.
[2008-03-07]  FIX: UNSYNCEDLYRICS was truncated to 10 characters (since v2.40).
[2008-03-06]  NEW: 'Edit > Undo' runs in separate thread now.
[2008-03-05]  FIX: nested subdirectories were not completely removed at undo.
[2008-03-04]  FIX: encoding of default HTML export configurations now UTF-8 again (since v2.40).
[2008-03-04]  CHG: minor changes to error reporting at export.
[2008-03-03]  FIX: preview at converter 'Text file - Tag' displayed duplicate entries (since v2.40).
[2008-03-03]  CHG: invalid characters are now automatically removed from the file name at 'Export cover to file' actions.
[2008-03-01]  CHG: improved accessibility at extended tags dialog.
[2008-03-01]  FIX: navigation to 'Options > Genres' via Tab key was not possible.
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[2008-02-22]  REL: VERSION 2.40 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008)
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[2008-02-18]  FIX: pasting album art from clipboard did not work in some cases.
[2008-02-16]  NEW: option 'Show message at warnings from Actions' at 'Options > Messages'.
[2008-02-15]  NEW: 'File > Read tag' runs in separate thread now.
[2008-02-15]  FIX: uninstaller did not remove all created shortcuts from the startmenu in some cases.
[2008-02-14]  FIX: export in append mode also appended byte order marker to file if option was enabled.
[2008-02-14]  FIX: rare crash on multi-core systems on actions that were executed in another thread.
[2008-02-14]  FIX: progress dialog got stuck in certain circumstances until interaction with the program.
[2008-02-09]  CHG: added error reporting to actions 'Import cover art from file' and 'Import text file'.
[2008-02-09]  FIX: action 'Export' did not default to ansi.
[2008-02-09]  FIX: action 'Format value' for _DIRECTORY was executed per file.
[2008-02-01]  CHG: keyboard shortcut F2 now also works if filename column is disabled.
[2008-01-31]  FIX: in some cases pressing the TAB key did not jump to the next editable field in the file view.
[2008-01-30]  NEW: completely redesigned dialog for Tag Sources (Web Sources, freedb, and local freedb).
[2008-01-29]  FIX: runtime error when removing invalid album art via tag panel.
[2008-01-28]  FIX: memory leak when saving flac tags.
[2008-01-10]  FIX: saving cover art in APEv2 tags omitted last byte of cover art file.
[2008-01-09]  FIX: 'Retry' at renaming of locked files did not have the expected effect.
[2007-12-28]  NEW: loading and saving of selection state of action groups.
[2007-12-28]  NEW: function 'set' for web sources framework.
[2007-12-25]  LNG: Norwegian Language file.
[2007-12-22]  NEW: individual action groups can now be executed directly via drop-down menu of actions toolbar button.
[2007-12-22]  CHG: improved accessibility at edit action group dialog.
[2007-12-22]  FIX: added workaround for HTTP proxies with erroneous implementation of HTTP chunked mode.
[2007-12-22]  FIX: fixed various problems due to misplaced/missing formatting parameters in some language files (especially Finnish and Trad. Chinese).
[2007-12-22]  CHG: tracknumbers in number format (DWORD) are now automatically converted to string format when saving WMA tags.
[2007-12-21]  FIX: runtime error when right-clicking on empty space at the column header of the file view.
[2007-12-18]  FIX: reading of RATING WMP did not convert to values 1-5.
[2007-12-18]  CHG: WRITER at WMA is mapped to LYRICIST as in other tag formats.
[2007-12-17]  FIX: erroneous MPEG properties if Emphasis bit was set.
[2007-12-16]  NEW: 'Change directory' now uses new-style dialog under Windows Vista.
[2007-12-16]  FIX: import cover from clipboard or via drag'n'drop resulted in reduced image quality.
[2007-12-15]  FIX: import cover from clipboard shifted cover by a few pixels in some cases.
[2007-12-15]  FIX: always saved only one value for WMA tag fields that support multiple values.
[2007-12-14]  CHG: 'ID3v2 only if ID3v1 too small' is now also triggered if tracknumber is > 255 or contains info about total tracks #/##
[2007-12-09]  NEW: button to browse for file at action type 'Import cover from file'.
[2007-12-08]  NEW: button to browse for file at action type 'Import text file'.
[2007-12-08]  FIX: fixed some issues with new column configuration.
[2007-12-08]  CHG: ALBUMARTIST is now BAND again since change confused too many users.
[2007-12-07]  CHG: improved list of tag fields at extended tag dialog for readability.
[2007-12-07]  FIX: tag fields containing = could not be removed via extended tag dialog.
[2007-11-29]  NEW: open/save dialog now uses new-style dialog under Windows Vista.
[2007-11-29]  CHG: supported operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008
[2007-11-28]  NEW: dialog 'Format values' is resizable now.
[2007-11-28]  NEW: dialog 'Guess values' is resizable now.
[2007-11-28]  NEW: dialog 'Export cover to file' is resizable now.
[2007-11-28]  NEW: dialog 'Import cover from file' is resizable now.
[2007-11-28]  NEW: dialog 'Replace' is resizable now.
[2007-11-28]  NEW: dialog 'Replace with regular expression' is resizable now.
[2007-11-28]  CHG: removed option for case-sensitive sorting (it's not case sensitive by default now).
[2007-11-27]  FIX: contents of user-defined fields in the tag panel got reset after changing the tag panel via the options dialog.
[2007-11-18]  FIX: global keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Del triggered confirmation dialog on deleting files.
[2007-11-17]  CHG: export dialogs now detects changes automatically.
[2007-11-17]  FIX: directories created by converter 'Tag - Filename' were not removed at undo.
[2007-11-16]  FIX: renaming directories via actions was not undoable.
[2007-11-16]  CHG: FLAC 1.2.1
[2007-11-16]  CHG: export with enabled option 'One file per directory' not longer depends on order of files in file view.
[2007-11-15]  CHG: $num has now a bigger range of values.
[2007-11-14]  NEW: mapping of ID3v2 UFID frame with MusicBrainz description to MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID.
[2007-11-09]  FIX: selection at 'Options > Tags > Default values' was not preserved in all cases.
[2007-11-07]  FIX: use of | inside $loop at export gave unexpected results.
[2007-11-05]  NEW: natural sorting at file list and export.
[2007-11-02]  NEW: action type 'Export'.
[2007-10-31]  NEW: action type 'Import text file'.
[2007-10-29]  CHG: improved accessibility at column configuration dialog.
[2007-10-29]  NEW: loading and saving of column configurations.
[2007-10-28]  NEW: enabling and disabling of columns in file view.
[2007-10-25]  CHG: standard format for cover art from clipboard now JPEG.
[2007-10-25]  CHG: improved support for regular expressions at filter.
[2007-10-25]  FIX: when adding multiple playlists via drag'n'drop no progress dialog was displayed.
[2007-10-23]  NEW: dialog 'Export' is resizable now.
[2007-10-23]  CHG: executing files from within Mp3tag now consistent with Windows Explorer.
[2007-10-22]  NEW: support for iTunes advisory field for MP4 (ITUNESADVISORY).
[2007-10-22]  FIX: action 'Export cover to file' had problems with creating a sequence of file names when exporting multiple covers from one file.
[2007-10-16]  NEW: improvements regarding accessibility (menu items can be read by Screen Readers now).
[2007-10-06]  LNG: Serbian (Latin) language file.
[2007-10-06]  CHG: removed menu item 'Default values in input fields'.
[2007-10-06]  CHG: invalid characters are now automatically removed from file names when creating new export configurations.
[2007-10-02]  FIX: when sorting the export result with an undefined sort key, the initial order from the file view was not preserved.
[2007-09-29]  NEW: tooltips for long items in drop-down lists.
[2007-09-28]  NEW: helper menus for quick access to placeholders and scripting functions.
[2007-09-22]  CHG: removed obsolete option dialogs for converters and actions.
[2007-09-21]  NEW: scripting function $ord(x).
[2007-09-19]  FIX: tracknumbers greater than 255 are written as 0 now at ID3v1 because of limitations of ID3v1.
[2007-09-15]  FIX: wrong directory in question whether configuration files should be removed during uninstall.
[2007-09-15]  FIX: message regarding inproper installation after installation under Windows Vista.
[2007-09-04]  NEW: possibility to change language within Mp3tag at 'Options > Language'.
[2007-08-30]  NEW: support for iTunes SHOW field at MP4.
[2007-08-30]  NEW: support for iTunes sorting fields at ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3, and ID3v2.4 (ALBUMSORTORDER, BANDSORTORDER, COMPOSERSORTORDER, PERFORMERSORTORDER, and TITLESORTORDER).
[2007-08-27]  LNG: Galician language file.
[2007-08-27]  NEW: option 'Save image to disk' at web sources (uses default file name for cover art).
[2007-08-27]  NEW: option 'Default file name for cover art' at 'Options > Tags' (used at web sources).
[2007-08-20]  NEW: support for ID3v2.4 TSST frame (SETSUBTITLE).
[2007-08-20]  FIX: NETRADIOOWNER was saved to TXXX instead of TRSO at ID3v2.
[2007-08-19]  CHG: field ORGANIZATION is mapped to PUBLISHER at Vorbis Comments now.
[2007-08-19]  NEW: support for gzip compressed results for web sources.
[2007-08-19]  FIX: several improvements at encoding detection for web sources.
[2007-08-19]  NEW: keywords url and url-utf-8 for encoding in web sources.
[2007-08-19]  FIX: freedb web search only worked with limited functionality.
[2007-08-05]  FIX: function $len(...) omitted everything after first comma.
[2007-07-29]  FIX: removing of tag fields with trailing blanks was not possible at extended tag dialog.
[2007-07-29]  NEW: possibility to create new directories while exporting cover art via an action.
[2007-07-29]  LNG: Japanese language file.
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[2007-07-28]  REL: VERSION 2.39 (for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista)
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[2007-07-26]  FIX: tag panel was not refreshed if tags were pasted to multiple files.
[2007-07-25]  FIX: when editing in the file view under Vista, the input field sometimes moved to the wrong position.
[2007-07-24]  FIX: startup error under Vista because directory for user-defined settings could not always be determined.
[2007-07-15]  NEW: support for cover art for APEv2 tagged files (Monkeys Audio, MusePack, OptimFrog, WavPack).
[2007-07-15]  LNG: Bulgarian language.
[2007-07-12]  FIX: clipboard was empty after pasting previously copied tags.
[2007-06-30]  FIX: update of list of freedb servers did not work anymore.
[2007-06-24]  FIX: endless loop when replacing whole words inside an action.
[2007-06-16]  FIX: permission denied when writing tags to Samba shares under Windows Vista.
[2007-06-12]  NEW: support for copy and cut cover art to clipboard.
[2007-06-10]  NEW: possibility to remove varying cover art from multiple files via main window.
[2007-06-10]  FIX: undo at moving files sometimes caused a runtime error.
[2007-06-10]  CHG: changed old version notification.
[2007-06-10]  FIX: lost focus after canceling move or copy files operation.
[2007-05-17]  FIX: renamed files were not reloaded during 'View > Refresh' in some cases.
[2007-05-17]  CHG: format string for compilations at freedb dialog now uses standard placeholders %title% and %artist%
[2007-05-17]  FIX: special syntax for MusicMatch* and Songs-DB* comment descriptions was not preserved. 
[2007-05-17]  FIX: placeholder %_length% was not available at converter 'Tag - Filename' anymore.
[2007-05-01]  FIX: column 'modified' was not sorted numerically.
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[2007-04-29]  REL: VERSION 2.38 (for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista)
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[2007-04-15]  NEW: support for TAK lossless codec.
[2007-03-26]  FIX: menu 'Tag sources' was initialised at startup only.
[2007-03-25]  NEW: scripting function $repeat(a,n).
[2007-03-24]  NEW: field RATING WMP for ID3v2 and WMA tags.
[2007-03-24]  CHG: removed option for notification if no tag was found in file.
[2007-03-24]  FIX: temporary playlist for playing multiple files was not compatible to all players.
[2007-03-17]  CHG: ID3v2 text frames are written without terminating 0 now.
[2007-03-16]  CHG: after disabling the filter, all files will be displayed again.
[2007-03-10]  FIX: improved syntax checks for export configurations.
[2007-03-03]  FIX: tags were not removed from files consisting of tags only.
[2007-03-03]  FIX: $folderdepth returned incorrect result on relative folderpaths.
[2007-03-01]  FIX: $left, $right and $mid were missing some range checks.
[2007-02-15]  NEW: support for import of cover art from the clipboard.
[2007-02-12]  FIX: ITUNESCOMPILATION ID3v2 field was always saved with value 1.
[2007-02-11]  FIX: cover art wasn't included in copy/cut/paste clipboard operations.
[2007-02-09]  FIX: cover art wasn't removed via action 'Remove fields' if other fields where also specified.
[2007-02-09]  FIX: playing files under Windows Vista sometimes didn't work.
[2007-01-16]  NEW: support for iTunes gapless field at MP4 files.
[2007-01-16]  NEW: support for AacGain undo field at MP4 files.
[2007-01-16]  FIX: mimetype of cover wasn't saved at MP4 files.
[2007-01-13]  NEW: display of cover art in main window.
[2007-01-13]  NEW: option to invert filter results.
[2007-01-07]  FIX: keywords If/Else/Endif were ignored in web sources if not written in lower case letters.
[2006-12-12]  NEW: function $rg2sc(x) which converts the ReplayGain value x to an iTunes SoundCheck value.
[2006-12-10]  NEW: support for cover art for FLAC files.
[2006-12-03]  CHG: freedb web search uses freedb.freedb.org exclusively now.
[2006-11-23]  FIX: position of dialogs wasn't restored correctly if taskbar was docked on the left side of the screen.
[2006-11-22]  NEW: now all previously added files and directories are read again when refreshing the file view via F5.
[2006-11-22]  NEW: now possible to use tracktype.org as freedb server.
[2006-11-21]  NEW: files can be reordered by the keyboard shortcuts Alt+Up/Alt+Down and Alt+Page up/Alt+Page down.
[2006-11-21]  FIX: playlists were read by using ISO-8859-1 instead of the system codepage.
[2006-11-19]  NEW: freedb web search back again.
[2006-11-19]  NEW: support for loading of multiple files or directories via context menu from Windows Explorer.
[2006-11-19]  NEW: support for loading of multiple files or directories via drag'n'drop.
[2006-11-16]  NEW: removing files from the file view without deleting them.
[2006-11-16]  FIX: year wasn't saved at 'Options > Default values'.
[2006-11-10]  FIX: history for format strings was not saved for actions 'Export cover to file' and 'Format value'.
[2006-11-05]  FIX: incorrect order of web sources in menu and toolbar menu.
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[2006-11-04]  REL: VERSION 2.37 (for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista)
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[2006-10-29]  CHG: freedb web search was removed from freedb.org.
[2006-10-29]  NEW: Option 'Delete existing cover art' at action 'Import cover from file'.
[2006-10-29]  FIX: User-defined genres with Unicode characters were not saved.
[2006-10-29]  NEW: Placeholder %_cover_size%
[2006-10-29]  NEW: Placeholder %_cover_mimetype%
[2006-10-29]  NEW: Removing of ID3v2 for FLAC files.
[2006-10-29]  FIX: Not all placeholder were available for $loop command in export configurations.
[2006-10-13]  FIX: Action for case conversion didn't take line-breaks into account.
[2006-10-13]  CHG: ALBUM ARTIST at WMA is mapped to BAND as in other tag formats.
[2006-10-06]  CHG: re-implemented 'Suggest sorting - Title' at the freedb dialog.
[2006-10-04]  NEW: context menus for action group and export configuration dialogs.
[2006-09-29]  NEW: automatically renaming .CDG files when renaming .MP3 files via 'Filename - Tag'.
[2006-09-19]  NEW: support for ID3v2 frame TDEN (ENCODINGTIME).
[2006-09-19]  CHG: redesign of various preferences dialogs.
[2006-09-15]  CHG: program settings are stored in mp3tag.cfg now.
[2006-08-24]  NEW: scripting functions $regexp for replacing with regular expressions.
[2006-08-23]  NEW: function findlinenocase for web sources framework.
[2006-08-23]  NEW: placeholder %_id3v2_character_encoding% for character encoding used in ID3v2 tag.
[2006-08-23]  CHG: using default application for mte file extension for editing export configurations now.
[2006-08-23]  FIX: runtime error on non-matching loop/loopends in export configurations.
[2006-08-15]  FIX: sorting files while editing in file view applied changes to wrong file.
[2006-08-15]  FIX: renaming tag fields at the extended tag dialog added new field instead of renaming old field.
[2006-08-15]  NEW: last codepage used is pre-selected at freedb codepage conversion and action 'Convert codepage'.
[2006-08-15]  FIX: track field on tag panel wasn't set to <keep> after running auto-numbering wizard on empty track fields.
[2006-07-22]  NEW: option 'Filter is case sensitive' at 'Options > General'
[2006-07-06]  FIX: multiple USLT frames were saved as TXXX frames.
[2006-07-04]  NEW: option 'abort, retry' at web source connection timeout.
[2006-07-03]  NEW: option 'abort, retry, ignore' at renaming of files.
[2006-07-03]  FIX: %_md5audio% calculated different values for files with corrupt ID3v2 tags.
[2006-07-02]  FIX: runtime error caused by icon in the notification area.
[2006-06-26]  LNG: added greek language file.
[2006-06-10]  CHG: special case handling for certain comment descriptions at ID3v2 tags (iTunes and MusicMatch fields).
[2006-06-10]  CHG: default focus is on tag list at extended tags dialog now.
[2006-06-10]  FIX: runtime error with $filename keyword on wrong position in export configuration.
[2006-06-10]  FIX: runtime error on exporting to already existing read-only export files.
[2006-06-10]  NEW: last modified date for local freedb index now displayed on options dialog.
[2006-06-03]  CHG: ID3v2.3 with UTF-16 is default for writing ID3v2 now.
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[2006-05-28]  REL: VERSION 2.36 (for Windows 2000/XP/2003)
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2006-05-28]  NEW: 'Optimize MP4' feature at context menu of MP4 files.
[2006-05-28]  CHG: updated Discogs web source.
[2006-05-28]  CHG: updated Amazon web sources.
[2006-05-28]  LNG: removed outdated slovak and catalan language files.
[2006-05-06]  FIX: cancel button wasn't displayed at progress dialog when reading large directories after startup.
[2006-05-01]  CHG: files folder.jpg, cover.jpg, folder.png and cover.png are prefered at cover display of extended tag dialog.
[2006-04-30]  CHG: disabled redrawing of file list when reading directories.
[2006-04-29]  FIX: infrequent deadlock when confirming actions with erroneous or incomplete input parameters.
[2006-04-22]  CHG: faster redrawing and sorting in file list.
[2006-04-22]  FIX: hidden file attribute was lost on rewrite of ID3v2 tags of large files (> 16MB).
[2006-04-22]  FIX: field selection at convert codepage action was disabled sometimes.
[2006-04-22]  CHG: filter is now case sensitive.
[2006-04-21]  FIX: keyboard mnemonics didn't work in context menu of file list.
[2006-04-18]  FIX: option for save mode at the extended tag dialog wasn't displayed correctly.
[2006-04-13]  NEW: scripting function $trim(x).
[2006-03-24]  NEW: display total count of files loaded on status bar if the file view contains filter results.
[2006-03-23]  NEW: sorting via drag&drop in web source result dialog.
[2006-03-23]  NEW: sorting via column click in web source result dialog.
[2006-03-23]  NEW: sorting of entries at freedb selection dialog.
[2006-03-22]  CHG: updated freedb web search.
[2006-03-18]  NEW: scripting function $reverse(x).
[2006-03-18]  CHG: converted 'Filename - Filename' matched whole filename on non matching format string.
[2006-03-18]  CHG: updated Amazon web source.
[2006-03-17]  CHG: faster writing of ID3v2 tags for files > 16MB.
[2006-03-14]  CHG: cover art is not longer preserved at 'Edit > Undo'.
[2006-03-14]  FIX: runtime error when reading some VBRI headers.
[2006-03-14]  FIX: runtime error when reading APEv1 tags.
[2006-03-10]  CHG: further code-, performance and size optimizations.
[2006-03-10]  FIX: inconsistency when opening the extended tag dialog while direct editing in the file view.
[2006-03-08]  NEW: asterisks entered at POPULARIMETER are translated to corresponding numeric value.
[2006-03-06]  NEW: display of common data in tag panel on multiple selection (instead of <keep>).
[2006-03-04]  NEW: display of track length on local freedb queries.
[2006-03-04]  CHG: removed options 'Don't load tags at directory change' and 'Load tags when using arrow-keys/single mouse click'
[2006-03-03]  NEW: action type 'Export cover to file'.
[2006-03-02]  FIX: $right returned undefined results on empty strings.
[2006-03-01]  NEW: options to display an icon in the notification area.
[2006-03-01]  CHG: removed Mp3tag Quick Pick.
[2006-02-27]  FIX: various fixes for bugs introduced with the last Development Builds.
[2006-02-26]  NEW: log window after exporting multiple files.
[2006-02-26]  CHG: removed option 'Case settings of tag item keys'.  
[2006-02-24]  NEW: Option 'ID3v2.4 UTF-8' at 'Options > Tags > Mpeg'.
[2006-02-24]  NEW: completely rewritten ID3v2 tagging module with support for ID3v2.4 tags.
[2006-02-24]  NEW: completely rewritten APEv2 tagging module.
[2006-02-24]  CHG: removed option 'Decode ISO-8859-1 tags using system codepage' (is done by default now).
[2006-02-23]  NEW: keyboard shortcut Shift+Enter to navigate to previous file while editing in the file view.
[2006-02-23]  NEW: placeholder %_filename% for filename without extension at columns in file view.
[2006-02-20]  FIX: while editing in the file view, tab key sometimes jumped to previous field instead of next field.
[2006-02-20]  FIX: $fmtNum() truncated large numbers.
[2006-02-15]  CHG: dialog 'Add directory' starts at directory last added (per session).
[2006-02-15]  FIX: minor rounding errors on track lengths.
[2006-02-14]  CHG: restart is no longer needed when adding/removing user-defined fields on the tag panel.
[2006-02-14]  FIX: tag field contents which exceed the width of an user-defined field on the tag panel were not fully displayed.
[2006-02-11]  NEW: support for user-defined and extended tag fields at the tag panel (see 'Options > Tag Panel').
[2006-02-11]  NEW: placeholder %_covers% for number of embedded cover art images in the file.
[2006-02-11]  NEW: dialog 'Tag - Filename' is vertical resizable now.
[2006-02-11]  NEW: dialog 'Filename - Tag' is vertical resizable now.
[2006-02-11]  NEW: dialog 'Filename - Filename' is vertical resizable now.
[2006-02-11]  NEW: dialog 'Taglist-File - Tag' is vertical resizable now.
[2006-02-10]  CHG: removed support for old export configuration format.
[2006-02-10]  CHG: invalid characters in filenames are removed by default now.
[2006-02-09]  NEW: auto-complete at drop down lists of action dialogs.
[2006-02-04]  NEW: optional second parameter encoding for $filename(name,enc) at Export with possible values ansi, utf-8 and utf-16.
[2006-02-04]  NEW: keyboard shortcut Shift+Del to remove format strings which are not longer needed from drop-down lists.
[2006-02-03]  NEW: binary APEv2 are now preserved on tag updates.
[2006-02-03]  CHG: information about used encoder for ogg vorbis files is now available via %_tool% (like with FLAC- and MP4-files).
[2006-02-02]  NEW: support for tracknumbers in x/xx format for MP4 tags.
[2006-02-02]  CHG: TEMPO now BPM for MP4 tags.
[2006-02-02]  FIX: TEMPO not visible in iTunes after being saved by Mp3tag.
[2006-02-01]  NEW: UNSYNCEDLYRICS for MP4 tags.
[2006-01-20]  FIX: double dollar sign $$ was replaced with single dollar sign at direct editing in the file view.
[2006-01-20]  FIX: runtime error with modified dates before 1970-01-01 at files.
[2006-01-17]  NEW: placeholder %parent_directory% throughout the program.
[2006-01-17]  FIX: runtime error with ID3v2 tags with invalid ID3v2.4 extended headers.
[2006-01-12]  FIX: help file wasn't displayed with Mozilla Firefox if help file path contains blanks (since v2.35).
[2006-01-08]  NEW: option 'Display grid lines at file view' at 'Options > General'.
[2006-01-08]  CHG: removing of ID3v2 tags now enabled by default for APE,MPC,... files.
[2006-01-07]  NEW: scripting function $folderdepth(x).
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2006-01-07]  REL: VERSION 2.35 (for Windows 2000/XP/2003)
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2006-01-04]  LNG: Traditional Chinese language file.
[2006-01-03]  FIX: improved drag'n'drop support for covers from web browsers at the extended tag dialog didn't work as expected.
[2006-01-02]  LNG: Simplified Chinese language file.
[2006-01-02]  FIX: track column at freedb dialog wasn't sorted numerically at click on column header.
[2006-01-01]  CHG: 'Decode ISO-8859-1 tags using system codepage' now enabled by default.
[2005-12-30]  FIX: file view wasn't updated occasionally on 'File > Read tag' or 'Ctrl+T'.
[2005-12-30]  FIX: multiple tag fields were not preserved on tag copy/tag cut operations.
[2005-12-30]  NEW: improved drag'n'drop support for covers from web browsers at the extended tag dialog.
[2005-12-29]  NEW: support for UFID (UNIQUEFILEID) ID3v2 frame.
[2005-12-29]  FIX: removing ID3v2 tags from files > 16 MB didn't work on Windows 2000 (since 2.32p).
[2005-12-29]  FIX: OK-button wasn't enabled after selecting a field when adding new fields at the extended tag dialog.
[2005-12-29]  FIX: connections through proxy servers didn't work occasionally (since 2.32p).
[2005-12-28]  FIX: button 'Create local index' used the modified freedb path only after closing the options dialog.
[2005-12-27]  NEW: file list on freedb dialog can now be sorted on column click.
[2005-12-27]  FIX: 'Suggest sorting ...' at freedb dialog filled length column with filenames (since 2.33).
[2005-12-26]  CHG: WRITER now COMPOSER for MP4 tags.
[2005-12-22]  CHG: revised help file and changed to xhtml.
[2005-12-22]  FIX: problem with exporting registry keys containing vertical tabs.
[2005-12-21]  FIX: case-sensitive comparison has inverted effect at action type 'Replace with regular expressions' (since 2.34e)
[2005-12-17]  FIX: runtime error at 'Filename - Filename' if there were more directory levels than available at the format string.
[2005-12-16]  FIX: random problem when saving cover art to WMA files.
[2005-12-16]  FIX: playlists were not saved in system codepage anymore.
[2005-12-12]  FIX: wrong line numbers at web source debug files.
[2005-12-12]  FIX: double dollar sign $$ was replaced with single dollar sign at 'Replace with regular expressions'.
[2005-12-12]  CHG: increased max. number of web sources to 30.
[2005-12-12]  CHG: preview at 'Tag - Filename' now with proper carriage return/newline combinations.
[2005-12-09]  FIX: filenames or directory names as simple command line arguments (without /fp: or /fn:) did not work.
[2005-12-09]  CHG: setup downloads missing dlls from mp3tag server on request.
[2005-12-09]  NEW: button for quick actions at toolbar (keyboard shortcut: Alt+Shift+5).
[2005-12-09]  NEW: button for fast freedb/web source access at toolbar (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+I).
[2005-12-09]  FIX: minor focus quirk at freedb selection dialog.
[2005-12-08]  FIX: rounding errors on tracks length of MP3s resulted in wrong bitrates on very short samples.
[2005-12-05]  FIX: tracknumbers with leading zeros in MP4 tags were stored as freeform atoms and were not displayed in iTunes anymore.
[2005-12-05]  CHG: excluded _DIRECTORY from _ALL at actions.
[2005-12-05]  FIX: infinite loop on some actions which renamed directories (since 2.34b).
[2005-12-03]  NEW: field _DIRECTORY at actions.
[2005-12-03]  CHG: better detection of publisher at Amazon web source.
[2005-12-02]  CHG: optimizations regarding program size (~ 700 KB).
[2005-12-01]  NEW: action type 'Import cover from file'.
[2005-12-01]  NEW: option 'Don't display first image from file directory as cover art' at 'Options > Tags' (enabled by default).
[2005-11-30]  FIX: technical information for WavPack lossy wasn't displayed if there was no WavPack correction file.
[2005-11-30]  NEW: support for DISCNUMBER, TOTALDISCS and CONTENTGROUP at MP4 tags.
[2005-11-30]  CHG: COMPLIATION now ITUNESCOMPILATION for MP4 tags.
[2005-11-29]  CHG: field for total count of tracks at autonumbering wizard is now disabled if reset option is enabled.
[2005-11-27]  FIX: WMA bitrate wasn't displayed correctly on some files.
[2005-11-27]  CHG: arithmetic scripting functions are using 64 bit ints now to prevent overflows. 
[2005-11-26]  FIX: runtime error when choosing 'View > Tags...'
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2005-11-26]  REL: VERSION 2.34 (for Windows 2000/XP/2003)
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2005-11-26]  NEW: import of album information from Amazon.com.
[2005-11-26]  FIX: Tag size wasn't displayed for WMA tags.
[2005-11-25]  FIX: Unicode characters at WMA tags were not displayed correctly.
[2005-11-23]  NEW: 'Options > Default values' back again.
[2005-11-19]  NEW: support for adding/removing cover art at extended tag dialog 'View > Tags...'.
[2005-11-18]  NEW: option 'Save cover to tag' at web source dialog.
[2005-11-18]  CHG: empty tag fields are not saved anymore.
[2005-11-16]  CHG: control for displaying cover art at web sources dialog now only displayed when cover art available.
[2005-11-16]  CHG: options 'Copy disc-id to comment field' and 'Copy disc-id to DISCID field' now at 'Options > freedb > General'. 
[2005-11-14]  FIX: option 'Show message when no tag was found in selected file' had no effect.
[2005-11-14]  NEW: option 'Write UTF-8 BOM' at 'Options > Export' (enabled by default).
[2005-11-13]  NEW: scripting function $neql(x,y).
[2005-11-05]  NEW: holding the ctrl key down while using the arrow keys selects next item at the columns dialog.
[2005-11-05]  NEW: menu item 'Customize columns...' from the file view selects the column in the columns dialog now.
[2005-11-03]  FIX: description and mimetype were dropped from embedded album art at ID3v2 tags (since 2.32p).
[2005-11-01]  NEW: option 'Decode ISO-8859-1 tags using system codepage' at 'Options > Tags > Mpeg'.
[2005-11-01]  FIX: format string at action type 'Guess values' was broken (since 2.33c).
[2005-10-31]  NEW: option 'One file per directory' at export dialog.
[2005-10-31]  CHG: removed option 'No double data records' at export dialog (was used at old export format only).
[2005-10-31]  NEW: placeholder %_directory% for name of parent directory at 'View > Columns...'.
[2005-10-31]  NEW: placeholder %_workingpath% for current working directory at 'Tools'.
[2005-10-29]  NEW: button 'Preview' at converter 'Filename - Filename' (removed checkbox 'Preview only').
[2005-10-29]  NEW: button 'Preview' at converter 'Taglist-File - Tag' (removed checkbox 'Preview only').
[2005-10-29]  NEW: button 'Preview' at converter 'Filename - Tag' (removed checkbox 'Preview only').
[2005-10-29]  NEW: button 'Preview' at converter 'Tag - Filename' (removed checkbox 'Preview only').
[2005-10-27]  NEW: %_tag_size_appended% shows full padding block size at FLAC files now.
[2005-10-27]  CHG: %_tag_size_prepended% shows full metadata block size at FLAC files now.
[2005-10-26]  FIX: vendor string was removed from FLAC files at removing tags.
[2005-10-25]  FIX: relative paths at 'Tag - Filename' were only working for one level.
[2005-10-25]  FIX: action 'Case conversion' had no effect on german umlauts (and probably other special characters).
[2005-10-25]  NEW: readded support for Monkeys Audios invalid APEv2 tags (which are APEv1 tags with the version field set to 2).
[2005-10-23]  NEW: placeholder %_total_files% for number of selected files.
[2005-10-23]  FIX: random runtime error at freedb queries based on Audio CD.
[2005-10-21]  FIX: made no difference between 0 and empty fields when sorting numeric fields at the file list.
[2005-10-18]  NEW: optional maximum file size for the debug file at web sources as third parameter of debug command.
[2005-10-18]  NEW: option 'Reset counter for each directory' at Autonumbering Wizard.
[2005-10-17]  FIX: filenames with characters > 0x7F were not saved properly in Mp3tagSetting.zip.
[2005-10-17]  FIX: character carriage return (0x0D) wasn't removed from web source index output.
[2005-10-16]  FIX: message 'No MPEG-header found' at freedb queries based on MP4 files.
[2005-10-15]  FIX: trailing equal signs at tag values were truncated when editing through the extended tag dialog.
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2005-10-14]  REL: VERSION 2.33 (for Windows 2000/XP/2003)
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2005-10-14]  FIX: MP4 tags were not read by iTunes (since 2.32p).
[2005-10-12]  CHG: updated discogs.com web source (thanks dano!).
[2005-10-10]  NEW: scripting function $ansi(x).
[2005-10-10]  FIX: problem at saving the settings from the registry (since 2.32p).
[2005-10-10]  FIX: APEv2 tags with 131 Bytes were detected as ID3v1 tags (since 2.32p).
[2005-10-09]  FIX: solved problem with 100% cpu usage at web source queries.
[2005-10-09]  NEW: preview at freedb uses UTF-8 with BOM now.
[2005-10-07]  FIX: problem at editing tag values with leading spaces at the extended tag dialog.
[2005-10-04]  FIX: problem with backslashes when direct editing through the file list.
[2005-09-27]  FIX: runtime error on removing the last character from auto-complete edit fields via Ctrl+Del.
[2005-09-26]  FIX: bitrates and lengths were wrong on some MP3s with constant bitrate.
[2005-09-26]  CHG: ID3v2 frame TPOS is now mapped to DISCNUMBER instead of PARTINSET.
[2005-09-23]  FIX: after adding an additional item with the same name at the extended tag dialog, the original contents of that item were overwritten without notice, if there were multiple files with different item values selected.
[2005-09-21]  NEW: support for track-based values at web sources (pipe symbol | used as seperator; constraint: track count = value count).
[2005-09-20]  NEW: preview at converter 'Tag - Filename' uses UTF-8 with BOM now.
[2005-09-20]  NEW: preview at converter 'Filename - Tag' uses UTF-8 with BOM now.
[2005-09-20]  NEW: preview at converter 'Filename - Filename' uses UTF-8 with BOM now.
[2005-09-20]  NEW: preview at converter 'Taglist-File - Tag' uses UTF-8 with BOM now.
[2005-09-20]  FIX: converter 'Taglist-File - Tag' even reported success on non-matching format strings.
[2005-09-19]  NEW: placeholder %_extension% containing the file extension.
[2005-09-19]  NEW: message box when trying to overwrite write-protected playlists.
[2005-09-19]  NEW: 'Convert codepage' at freedb dialog.
[2005-09-19]  CHG: redesign of freedb dialog.
[2005-09-19]  NEW: action type 'Convert codepage'.
[2005-09-17]  NEW: optional field [Encoding] at web sources with possible values utf-8, iso-8859-1 and ansi.
[2005-09-16]  FIX: content in brackets was removed at editing a field in the file view (since 2.32p).
[2005-09-16]  CHG: separator for multiple fields in tag panel is \\ now
[2005-09-05]  FIX: UTF-8 conversion issue at web sources.
[2005-09-02]  FIX: runtime error on invalid cover art from MP4 files.
[2005-09-02]  FIX: minor DATE/YEAR issue on MP4 files.
[2005-09-01]  FIX: Runtime error after selecting a previously used format string at the 'Filename - Filename' dialog (since 2.32p).
[2005-08-31]  FIX: freedb queries based on selected files returned no results in some cases (since 2.32p).
[2005-08-25]  FIX: creation of index database for local freedb database and text search on local freedb databases was broken (since 2.32p).
[2005-08-22]  FIX: reading of WMA files was broken (since 2.32p).
[2005-08-21]  FIX: file view did not update on manually moved files.
[2005-08-21]  FIX: runtime error on cut and paste of tags (since 2.32p).
[2005-08-21]  FIX: memory leak on freedb dialog.
[2005-08-20]  NEW: displaying the disc-id in the caption of the freedb dialog.
[2005-08-16]  NEW: replacing decimal encoded html entities at web sources.
[2005-08-16]  NEW: detecting UTF-8 content at web sources.
[2005-08-12]  NEW: preserving unknown ID3v2 frames now.
[2005-08-11]  NEW: support for iTunes "Part of a compilation" ID3v2 frame.
[2005-08-11]  LNG: Korean language file.
[2005-07-31]  FIX: fixed problems with standalone $ character at regular expression actions.
[2005-07-31]  FIX: many fixes in last weeks internal alpha test.
[2005-07-24]  NEW: option 'Always write ISO-8859-1 tags instead of UTF-16' at 'Options, Tags, Mpeg'.
[2005-07-23]  CHG: removed useless dialog page "Options, Default values" (some user-defined actions will do the same job).
[2005-07-23]  NEW: using Unicode language files now (UTF-8). 
[2005-07-22]  NEW: export is encoded as UTF-8 now (so use charset=UTF-8 in your html exports).
[2005-07-20]  NEW: freedb protocol version 6 is now supported (UTF-8 encoded content).
[2005-07-20]  NEW: clipboard format for metadata is capable of doing Unicode now.
[2005-07-20]  NEW: regular expression engine eats Unicode characters too now.
[2005-07-19]  FIX: runtime error on moving files at the freedb dialog in some cases.
[2005-07-19]  NEW: reading and writing of Unicode (UTF-8) MP4 tags from M4A, M4B, MP4 files (reimplemented complete MP4 module).
[2005-07-17]  NEW: reading and writing of Unicode (UTF-8) APEv2 tags from/to WV files.
[2005-07-16]  NEW: reading and writing of Unicode (UTF-8) Vorbis Comments from FLAC files (re-implemented complete FLAC module).
[2005-07-14]  NEW: reading and writing of Unicode (UTF-8) Vorbis Comments from OGG and SPX files.
[2005-07-14]  NEW: reading and writing of Unicode (UTF-8) APEv2 tags from/to AAC, APE, APL, MPC, OFR and OFS files.
[2005-07-14]  NEW: improved performance for ID3v2 tag writing and removing.
[2005-07-14]  NEW: reading and writing of Unicode (UTF-16 and UTF-8) ID3v2 tags from/to MP3 and TTA files.
[2005-07-13]  NEW: GUI supports Unicode now.
[2005-07-07]  CHG: started working on Unicode support (new source code branch).
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2005-07-09]  REL: VERSION 2.32
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2005-07-05]  CHG: loading of subdirectories by using drag'n'drop of a file from the file view isn't possible anymore.
[2005-07-02]  NEW: timeout of freedb server is also used for web sources now.
[2005-07-02]  NEW: position and size of web source results dialog is remembered now.
[2005-07-01]  NEW: action type 'Remove fields'.
[2005-07-01]  NEW: action type 'Remove fields except'.
[2005-07-01]  NEW: position and size of freedb results dialog is remembered now.
[2005-07-01]  FIX: cover art was saved multiple times at MP4 in some cases.
[2005-06-30]  CHG: maximum number of web sources changed to 20. 
[2005-06-15]  FIX: mapping of items of a taglist file to files using %_path% did not work.
[2005-06-11]  NEW: link to Export Configuration Archive at export dialog.
[2005-06-03]  FIX: ID3v2 field POPM (Popularimeter) wasn't read (is mapped to POPULARIMETER now).
[2005-05-22]  CHG: ignores case of web sources framework commands now.
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2005-05-21]  REL: VERSION 2.31
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2005-05-21]  FIX: ID3v2 field IPLS (Involved People List) got truncated in some cases.
[2005-05-21]  CHG: closing of application was possible during copy, move and delete operations.
[2005-05-21]  NEW: command SayOutput and generated output field CurrentUrl at the web source framework.
[2005-05-15]  NEW: added _PATH field to the filter.
[2005-05-15]  FIX: message box wasn't displayed if file cannot be opened for writing in some cases.
[2005-05-15]  FIX: umlauts didn't work in the search string of the freedb web search
[2005-04-19]  FIX: buffer for format strings at editing actions was to small in some cases (> 256 chars)
[2005-04-13]  NEW: placeholder %_md5% and %_md5audio% at export.
[2005-04-12]  FIX: $rand() gave the same random numbers every time.
[2005-04-08]  FIX: runtime error on invalid MPEG headers.
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2005-04-03]  REL: VERSION 2.30
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2005-04-02]  FIX: bitrates and lengths were wrong on some MP3s.
[2005-04-01]  FIX: cancel at duplicate action did not work.
[2005-04-01]  NEW: keyboard shortcut Shift+F2 to rename actions in the action dialog.
[2005-04-01]  CHG: %_vbr% returns CBR on MP3s with constant bitrate now.
[2005-04-01]  NEW: icon for extended tag dialog at toolbar.
[2005-04-01]  NEW: scripting functions $isdigit(x) and $mod(x,y)
[2005-03-31]  NEW: open cover with default application via click on the preview image at the web source dialog.
[2005-03-29]  FIX: negative bitrate on very big FLAC files.
[2005-03-25]  FIX: web source parser stopped at some special characters.
[2005-03-25]  FIX: WavPack files were not closed after reading data.
[2005-03-25]  FIX: selected action was deleted via Del-key while renaming.
[2005-03-24]  NEW: proxy support for getting cover art through the web source framework.
[2005-03-23]  FIX: silent install didn't take previous component selections into account anymore.
[2005-03-18]  CHG: empty wma tag fields are removed when saving the tag now.
[2005-03-16]  CHG: track titles are not longer mandatory at web source framework.
[2005-03-16]  CHG: existing tag contents are not deleted when using the web source framework.
[2005-03-11]  FIX: $StrRChr did not work.
[2005-03-11]  NEW: scripting functions are available at export filename from export configuration now.
[2005-03-11]  FIX: automatic adjustment of export file paths did not work properly and is disabled now.
[2005-03-09]  CHG: menu item 'freedb, Create local index' now as button at 'Options, freedb, Local'
[2005-03-09]  CHG: multiple APEv2 tag fields are now seperated via a 0 character (as proposed in the standard).
[2005-03-09]  FIX: some subdirectories were not listed in some very rare cases.
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2005-03-07]  REL: VERSION 2.29
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2005-03-07]  FIX: UTF-8 encoded results of the web source framework are decoded now.
[2005-03-07]  NEW: HTML entities in results of the web source framework are resolved automatically now.
[2005-03-02]  FIX: tag fields with trailing blanks were not removed via the extended tag dialog.
[2005-03-01]  NEW: support for old musepack file extension (mp+)
[2005-03-01]  FIX: removed trailing blank from Christian Rock genre.
[2005-02-18]  NEW: proxy support for web source framework.
[2005-02-18]  FIX: runtime error on very big synced lyrics ID3v2 frames.
[2005-02-13]  NEW: support for Monkey's Audio Index files (apl).
[2005-02-13]  CHG: added version number to 'Control Panel, Software'.
[2005-02-10]  NEW: last used action type is preselected at quick actions.
[2005-02-10]  FIX: cancel on quick actions did not work correctly.
[2005-02-07]  NEW: placeholder %s for search criteria in the index url of the web source framework.
[2005-02-07]  FIX: limited second parameter of $num to 5 again.
[2005-02-07]  FIX: web sources were not saved on backup.
[2005-02-05]  NEW: scripting functions $get(x), $put(x) and $puts(x).
[2005-02-02]  FIX: runtime error at the freedb dialog for local results.
[2005-02-02]  FIX: small problem with empty conditions at while loops within the web source framework.
[2005-02-01]  CHG: menu item freedb called last used web source.
[2005-01-31]  FIX: placeholder %_recordnumer% available again at old export.
[2005-01-30]  FIX: reading of non-standard WMA tag fields.
[2005-01-30]  LNG: removed spanish and hungarian help files till they're updated.
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2005-01-29]  REL: VERSION 2.28
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2005-01-25]  NEW: file properties dialog now resizeable.
[2005-01-22]  LNG: Finnish language file.
[2005-01-22]  NEW: option 'No action' at 'Tools, Default tool' for no action at double-clicks.
[2005-01-21]  CHG: renamed 'web search' freedb option to 'text search' on local queries.
[2005-01-16]  NEW: Discogs.com web source example to get album information and coverart.
[2005-01-16]  NEW: framework to get album information (incl. cover) from user-defined web sources.
[2005-01-16]  NEW: extended tag dialog now available from context menu.
[2005-01-16]  FIX: selection marker for files didn't follow when editing via the file view.
[2005-01-16]  FIX: change of option 'Show current folderpath in window title' was first visible after next directory change.
[2005-01-16]  CHG: removed level 'Options' from options dialog tree.
[2005-01-16]  NEW: scripting function in dynamic format string example are now evaluated.
[2005-01-16]  NEW: hotkey [Alt+Return] for file properties.
[2005-01-15]  CHG: renamed 'Tag input mask' to 'Tag panel'
[2005-01-15]  NEW: creation of directories at action 'Format value' and field _FILENAME.
[2005-01-12]  NEW: check mark for actual sorting style in 'Sort by' menu.
[2005-01-11]  NEW: tooltips for too narrow columns in the file view.
[2005-01-11]  NEW: scripting function $rand().
[2005-01-08]  NEW: support for Advanced Systems Format (asf).
[2005-01-08]  NEW: MP4 tagging now preserves existing cover art and displays it at the extended tag dialog.
[2004-12-29]  NEW: keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Backspace and Ctrl+Del for deleting words from the input fields.
[2004-12-26]  LNG: Turkish language file.
[2004-12-26]  NEW: action type 'Merge duplicate fields'.
[2004-12-26]  NEW: renaming of export configurations.
[2004-12-26]  NEW: moving user-defined tools to other positions is now possible.
[2004-12-22]  NEW: placeholders %_app%, %_date%, %_datetime% and %_volume% at action 'Format value'.
[2004-12-21]  NEW: scripting functions at converter 'Filename - Filename'
[2004-12-21]  FIX: length of last track wasn't shown at freedb confirm dialog.
[2004-12-12]  NEW: scripting functions $ifgreater(a,b,x,y) and $iflonger(a,b,x,y).
[2004-12-10]  FIX: same tag fields with different upper/lower case were not listed at tag input fields drop-down lists.
[2004-12-10]  NEW: try again option for freedb manual queries.
[2004-12-09]  NEW: placeholders %_counter% and %_total% at action 'Format value'.
[2004-12-09]  NEW: option 'Don't create directories' at 'Options, Export'.
[2004-12-09]  NEW: option 'Don't create directories' at 'Options, Playlist'.
[2004-12-09]  NEW: action type 'Guess values'.
[2004-12-09]  NEW: scripting functions $strchr(x,y), $strrchr(x,y) and $strstr(x,y).
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2004-12-06]  REL: VERSION 2.27 (silent update)
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2004-12-06]  CHG: playlists now by default with relative directory names.
[2004-12-06]  CHG: changed example format string for 'Tag - Filename'
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2004-12-05]  REL: VERSION 2.27
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
[2004-12-04]  FIX: didn't display file information for MP3s with ID3v2 tags
				   bigger than 500kb.
[2004-11-28]  FIX: changes are displayed temporarily on files where write 
				   permisson was not granted.
[2004-11-27]  NEW: optional second parameter for $caps, $caps2 and $caps3 for
				   additional characters which trigger upper case.
[2004-11-27]  NEW: $caps2 now case conversion 'normal' without changing upper
				   case letters. case conversion 'sentece' now $caps3.
[2004-11-27]  FIX: dragging files to end of file list did not work.
[2004-11-23]  NEW: new syntax for built in scripting functions.
[2004-11-22]  FIX: undo did not work on action sets where filenames and tags
				   of a file were modified.
[2004-11-15]  FIX: one tag was saved to all selected files, when hotkeys were
				   used very quickly.
[2004-11-15]  FIX: %_vbr% was not evaluated at WMA files.
[2004-11-07]  FIX: sometimes did not display all metadata of MP4 files.
[2004-11-07]  FIX: relative folderpaths at 'Tag - Filename' didn't work 
[2004-11-06]  FIX: runtime error at sorting files via drag'n'drop at the freedb
[2004-11-06]  LNG: catalan translation was outdated.
[2004-11-02]  FIX: Alt+F4 on the progress dialog didn't cancel operation.
[2004-11-02]  CHG: silent setup looks for Mp3tagSetup.ini in the installer
				   directory first, then in the last installation directory.
[2004-11-01]  FIX: main view wasn't updated correctly after freedb queries on
				   incomplete albums in some cases.
[2004-11-01]  NEW: scripting function $len(x)
[2004-11-01]  FIX: reworked Lyrics3 identifier again.

------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------
			  NEW: new feature
			  CHG: change
			  FIX: bugfix
------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------