MP3TAG for macOS

Mp3tag v2.97

While Mp3tag was designed to be an applicaton to run under Windows, many people also want to use Mp3tag under Apple macOS and Mac OS X. The good news is: it's possible!

Currently, there is no native Mp3tag or a comparable alternative for macOS, but you can use wrappers (e.g., WineBottler) that allow for running Windows applications under OS X through a program called Wine. This has the side-effect that the app will still look like a Windows app, but the benefit is that you don't need to install Windows on your MacBook or have a virtual machine running — and you can run Mp3tag on Mac OS X and macOS.

Because creating those wrapped applications can be difficult from time to time, I decided to provide pre-packaged versions for your convenience. Please note that those packages are not officially supported, but I do my best to keep them working on your MacBooks.

Starting with macOS Sierra, Apple introduced further means to make running apps that are not distributed through the App Store more secure. If you encounter any difficulties, please try the follwing steps:

  1. Download
  2. Delete the previous version
  3. Allow applications from verified developers at System Settings > Security
  4. Delete previous settings from /Users/<Your Name>/Library/Application Support/de.mp3tag.Mp3tag_*
  5. Unzip, copy to your Applications folder and run it from there included in download:

81.06 MB
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