------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2018-01-24]  REL: VERSION 2.86 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2018-01-13]  FIX: action "Format value" for _FILENAME caused new file directory to be set also in
                   cases where file cannot be renamed.
[2018-01-10]  LNG: updated Bulgarian, Czech, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese-Brazil and
                   Slovenian language files.
[2018-01-10]  FIX: vendor string was not written when updating Vorbis Comments in Opus files.
[2018-01-08]  CHG: default tag panel field names are now auto-translated on language change.
                   (#19567, #19284, #18800)
[2018-01-08]  CHG: default file view column names are now auto-translated on language change.
                   (#19567, #19284, #18800)
[2018-01-08]  FIX: runtime error when parsing broken UFID ID3v2 frames. (#19610)
[2018-01-01]  FIX: runtime error when performing library cleanup directly after enabling library
                   option (since 2.85i).
[2017-12-21]  FIX: runtime error when performing save via keyboard shortcut while in-place editing
                   in the file list.
[2017-12-20]  FIX: importing tags via Discogs tag source set YEAR field to 0 for releases without
[2017-12-20]  FIX: file list selection mark was wrong in some cases after deleting, removing or
                   moving files.
[2017-12-19]  NEW: added option to cleanup the database from orphaned files.
[2017-12-13]  NEW: added preferences page to enable the Library and to configure included
[2017-12-11]  CHG: attempting a more graceful shutdown on out-of-memory conditions.
[2017-12-10]  FIX: deleting non-standard files from file view did not update file list (since
[2017-12-08]  FIX: sync issue between actual file information fields (i.e., size, modification
                   timestamps, ...) and internal representation (since 2.85b).
[2017-12-07]  FIX: runtime error when adding files to an already running instance via the Windows
                   Explorer context-menu extension (since 2.85b).
[2017-12-07]  FIX: file renaming collision when target file was already in database but removed
                   externally (since 2.85b).
[2017-12-07]  FIX: info fields were not updated in database when tags were written or removed (since
[2017-12-07]  FIX: actions that caused a directory to be renamed did not update the database entries
                   (since 2.85b).
[2017-12-06]  CHG: improved library reading performance on subsequent reads by using an internal
[2017-12-02]  CHG: MP4 tag fields are not truncated to 255 characters anymore. (#19527)
[2017-11-26]  FIX: runtime error when adding cover art to Ogg Vorbis or Opus files (since 2.85a).
[2017-11-22]  CHG: improved memory consumption especially for large music libraries.
[2017-11-22]  CHG: changes regarding cover art are now also part of undo information.
[2017-11-16]  FIX: tag sources framework function 'json_foreach' now also works with arrays as
                   unnamed JSON root element. (#19518)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2017-10-25]  REL: VERSION 2.85 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2017-10-24]  FIX: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709) was prevented from shutting down
                   without user interaction in some cases.
[2017-10-17]  FIX: Tag Panel column width was calculated wrong if Tag Panel was docked horizontally
                   (since 2.84d). (#19449)
[2017-10-16]  NEW: added support for Matroska MKA/MKV files for Explorer context menu shell
                   extension. (#19366)
[2017-10-16]  FIX: deleting a file with subsongs did not remove the other subsongs of that file from
                   the file list.
[2017-10-16]  FIX: removing MP4 chapters from a filtered file list left orphan subsongs of those
                   files when disabling the filter.
[2017-10-15]  FIX: moving subsongs from a filtered file list left orphan subsongs of those files
                   when disabling the filter.
[2017-10-15]  FIX: moving files from a filtered file list did not update file list correctly (since
                   2.84). (#19441)
[2017-10-14]  FIX: importing format descriptions to MEDIATYPE field via Discogs tag source did not
                   work. (#19411)
[2017-10-12]  FIX: GDI resource leak when populating the list of user-defined tools.
[2017-10-10]  FIX: relative paths from playlists were not canonicalized and sometimes unnecessarily
                   exceeded the 260 character path limit.
[2017-10-08]  LNG: updated Hungarian and Swedish language files.
[2017-10-06]  NEW: extended list of default genres by ID3v1 genres 148 to 191. (#19389)
[2017-09-23]  FIX: runtime error when using Mp3tag on computers with older CPUs (e.g, Pentium III,
                   Athlon XP, ...) (since 2.84b).
[2017-09-22]  NEW: added support for Matroska MKA/MKV files.
[2017-09-18]  CHG: updated internally used libraries.
[2017-08-30]  FIX: contents of BPM fields for MP4 were not read in some cases.
[2017-08-30]  CHG: querying via Discogs Release ID now also works in [r1234567] format (as available
                   on the Discogs website).
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2017-08-26]  REL: VERSION 2.84a (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2017-08-26]  FIX: Windows XP based and Wine-based installations (macOS/Linux) had problems with
                   HTTP/HTTPS connections.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2017-08-25]  REL: VERSION 2.84 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2017-08-22]  FIX: renaming files did not update name in file list in all cases (since 2.83h).
[2017-08-18]  LNG: updated Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Italian, Japanese, Polish and Slovak language
[2017-08-17]  CHG: added ABSENT as synonym for MISSING in Filter and updated documentation. (#19208)
[2017-08-17]  FIX: reading system-encoded WAV RIFF INFO sub chunks did result in data truncation in
                   case special characters were involved. (#19188)
[2017-08-16]  FIX: directory field at Tag Panel didn't use correct case for directory names when
                   entered with incorrect casing. (#18674)
[2017-08-15]  FIX: installer didn't consider user input for startmenu folder when updating. (#18965)
[2017-08-13]  FIX: format strings for converter 'Filename - Filename' showed UTF-8 encoded data if
                   special characters were involved.
[2017-08-12]  NEW: added support for Nero-style MP4 chapters.
[2017-08-12]  FIX: error message when writing tags to larger files in some cases (since 2.83f).
[2017-08-09]  CHG: improved MP4 tagging compatibility.
[2017-08-03]  FIX: added reading of non-iTunes custom MP4 tags. (#19149)
[2017-08-02]  FIX: attempting to write tags to larger files that are locked by other processes left
                   only temporary file in some cases. (#19183)
[2017-07-13]  NEW: added $distance(x,y) scripting function to compute edit distance between strings
                   x and y.
[2017-07-10]  FIX: runtime error when using Mp3tag on computers with older CPUs (e.g, Pentium III,
                   Athlon XP, ...) (since 2.83c).
[2017-07-06]  FIX: manually rearranging files in file list resulted in unexpected behaviour when
                   renaming files (since 2.83c). (#19123)
[2017-07-05]  FIX: extended documentation of web sources framwork function 'MoveLine'. (#19117)
[2017-07-04]  FIX: wav files with invalid ID3Helper data at end of file were not read.
[2017-07-01]  CHG: updated Opus to version 1.2.1.
[2017-06-30]  CHG: made cue sheet handling fully transparent so that it doesn't require artificially
                   indexed filenames anymore.
[2017-06-30]  CHG: extended Discogs tag source with fallback detection of secondary images if no
                   primary image exists. (#18961)
[2017-06-30]  NEW: added web sources framework functions to check if output contains content via
                   'ifoutput' and 'ifnotoutput'.
[2017-06-30]  CHG: modified dialog for adding cover-art from files to raise warning message if file
                   doesn't exist.
[2017-06-28]  CHG: added check to Discogs tag source if query gave any results which results in
                   correct error message.
[2017-06-27]  FIX: runtime error when clicking on tag sources toolbar button and last used tag
                   source was removed.
[2017-06-27]  FIX: runtime error if Discogs cover-only tag source returned no results (since 2.83a).
[2017-06-26]  FIX: dot and underscore characters where percent-encoded when querying Discogs which
                   resulted in HTTP 401 error.
[2017-06-26]  CHG: extended Discogs result list to current API maximum of 100 releases.
[2017-06-26]  NEW: added Discogs cover-only tag source for search via Discogs Release ID.
[2017-06-26]  NEW: added Discogs cover-only tag source for search via album name.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2017-06-23]  REL: VERSION 2.83 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2017-06-23]  NEW: added MP4 column to tag-field mappings overview table in documentation.
[2017-06-22]  CHG: removed Amazon tag sources after Amazon.com invalidated Mp3tag's web services
[2017-06-19]  CHG: Discogs tag source name is now correctly capitalized.
[2017-06-19]  LNG: updated Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Polish and Turkish language files.
[2017-06-18]  NEW: added Discogs Release ID tag source to directly search by Discogs Release ID.
[2017-06-18]  NEW: added support for ISRC field in cue sheets. (#10676)
[2017-06-18]  CHG: main performer from cue sheet is now mapped to ALBUMARTIST (instead of ALBUM
                   ARTIST). (#10676)
[2017-06-17]  FIX: special characters in main performer from cue sheet were not correctly converted
                   when writing. (#10676)
[2017-06-17]  FIX: cue sheets that started with a different track number than 1 were not read.
[2017-06-17]  FIX: checkboxes at dialog for cover export were not labeled correctly (since 2.82b).
[2017-06-16]  FIX: tags saved to wrong file when auto-save was enabled and column-click in file list
                   changed the file order. (#19046)
[2017-06-15]  FIX: Discogs Web Source had problems with certain artists which resulted in obsolete
                   comma after artist name. (#18290, #18977)
[2017-06-14]  FIX: sort arrow was incorrectly shown for next column after adding or removing a
                   column left from the sort column. (#13564, #17075)
[2017-06-13]  NEW: added option to restrict action-based cover export to certain cover type.
[2017-06-10]  FIX: added detection of non-iTunes custom MP4 tags which are now kept unmodified
                   during rewrites.
[2017-06-10]  FIX: encoding of cover art for Opus did not always include Base64 padding (which was
                   problematic for some players).
[2017-06-10]  NEW: added support for stripping Nero-style chapter information from MP4 files via
                   context-menu in the file list.
[2017-06-10]  NEW: added support for detecting Nero-style MP4 tags and reporting via %_tag% if
[2017-06-10]  FIX: runtime error at Export if loop limit exceeded actual export result set size.
                   (#17432, #19034)
[2017-06-10]  LNG: added Indonesian language file.
[2017-05-04]  FIX: possible index overflow at $substr() scripting function.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2017-04-29]  REL: VERSION 2.82 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2017-04-28]  FIX: mp4 atoms with errorneous data size descriptors were not detected. (#18922)
[2017-04-21]  FIX: after closing the filter window via the x symbol, focus was still on the now
                   invisible filter window. (#17636)
[2017-04-21]  FIX: auto-numbering wizard did not consider track-number offset when determining
                   amount of leading zeros. (#18893)
[2017-04-21]  FIX: removed text-length limitation from track number field at tag panel. (#17032)
[2017-04-21]  FIX: some actions allowed to create empty tag fields for certain tag formats. (#15332,
[2017-04-18]  CHG: removed associate tag from Amazon.de web sources.
[2017-04-17]  FIX: unicode characters in filenames where not supported when exporting configuration
                   to zip file. (#18875)
[2017-04-17]  FIX: scripting functions $meta(x), $meta(x,n) and $meta_sep(x,sep) did not create
                   matches in square bracket notion. (#18577, #18578)
[2017-04-13]  CHG: updated Vorbis to version 1.3.5.
[2017-04-13]  CHG: updated Ogg to version 1.3.2.
[2017-04-13]  CHG: updated FLAC to version 1.3.2.
[2017-04-13]  CHG: updated zlib to version 1.2.11.
[2017-04-12]  CHG: updated Opus to version 1.1.4 and Opusfile to 0.7.
[2017-04-12]  NEW: added reading of WavPack version.
[2017-04-12]  CHG: updated WavPack to version 5.1.0.
[2017-04-12]  FIX: removed DATE from list of default tag field names. (#18820)
[2017-03-19]  FIX: renaming directories via action 'Format value' also affected files where the
                   folder path contained the renamed directory string. (#18811)
[2017-03-18]  FIX: preserving the file modification date on write operations resulted in an 1h
                   offset of the file creation date if daylight saving time status was different.
[2017-03-13]  FIX: installer did not default to English for unsupported languages. (#18723, #18798)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2017-02-17]  REL: VERSION 2.81 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2017-02-06]  NEW: added support for iTunes-specific ID3v2 grouping tag field GRP1 as GROUPING.
[2017-02-05]  NEW: added support for reading ID3v2.2 iTunes tag fields for classical music MOVEMENT,
[2017-01-23]  FIX: automatic playlist creation used previous values after tag save.
[2017-01-07]  NEW: added support for press and hold gesture on cover art window to trigger context
                   menu on touch devices.
[2016-12-17]  FIX: regression where URL ID3v2 fields (WWW*) were accidentally written as multi-value
                   fields (since v2.80a).
[2016-12-15]  FIX: value overflow when calculating bitrate for large VBR MP3 files which resulted in
                   negative bitrates.
[2016-12-14]  LNG: added Corsican installer language and updated Czech and Turkish language files.
[2016-12-12]  CHG: updated installer icons and graphics.
[2016-12-11]  NEW: added portable installation mode that stores settings in application directory
                   and doesn't write information to the registry.
[2016-12-11]  NEW: installer now asks for UAC admin elevation in case if its run from a non-admin
                   user account.
[2016-12-11]  CHG: changed installer and application to guess user language instead of asking user.
[2016-12-11]  NEW: improved installer UI for high-resolution screens with high DPI settings (DPI
[2016-12-11]  NEW: added version information to installer.
[2016-12-11]  NEW: added size estimation to uninstaller.
[2016-12-07]  NEW: added placeholders to access file path of current active playlist, i.e.,
                   %_playlist_filename%, %_playlist_filename_ext% and %_playlist_folderpath%.
[2016-12-06]  FIX: renaming files via direct-editing in file list in %_filepath% column
                   automatically removed trailing blanks.
[2016-12-05]  FIX: improved ID3v2 specification compliance by adding terminating 0x00 for text
[2016-12-02]  FIX: randomizing a filtered file list by clicking on first column header resulted in
                   resetting of list contents.
[2016-11-30]  FIX: missing breadcrumb links in help topic for "Configuration > Tags > Mapping" and
                   missing link from "Configuration > Tags"
[2016-11-29]  FIX: converter 'Tag - Filename' treated paths that were built from field values
                   containing slash characters as relative.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2016-11-25]  REL: VERSION 2.80 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2016-11-18]  CHG: updated Amazon.com and Amazon.de web sources to include cover dimensions in list
                   of search results.
[2016-11-17]  NEW: added support for press and hold gesture to trigger context menu on touch
[2016-11-17]  LNG: added Arabic language file and updated French and Russian language files.
[2016-11-17]  NEW: added support for iTunes flag to trigger showing movement information instead of
                   the song title via SHOWMOVEMENT (MP4 only).
[2016-11-16]  CHG: bitrate indicator is now kbits/s instead of kBit/s
[2016-11-15]  NEW: added support for iTunes tag fields for classical music MOVEMENT, MOVEMENTTOTAL,
                   MOVEMENTNAME (ID3v2 and MP4) and for WORK (MP4 only).
[2016-10-16]  FIX: runtime error when moving files in tag sources dialog past the end of the file
[2016-10-01]  FIX: runtime error when parsing some mono and non-pcm WAV files.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2016-09-24]  REL: VERSION 2.79 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2016-09-22]  LNG: updated Dutch, Finnish, Hebrew, and Spanish language files.
[2016-09-22]  FIX: Wine's long path prefix \\?\ was not handled correctly.
[2016-09-22]  CHG: Wine-based Mp3tag.app is now signed using a verified Developer Certificate as
                   required by macOS Sierra. 
[2016-09-22]  FIX: displaying tooltips for very long texts in Tag Panel input fields blocked UI.
[2016-09-08]  FIX: converter 'Tag - Filename' had problems with relative paths (since 2.78a).
[2016-09-03]  FIX: converter 'Tag - Filename' produced in some cases file names which started with
                   one backslash.
[2016-08-22]  FIX: preview for converter 'Tag - Filename' displayed wrong file names in some rare
[2016-07-08]  FIX: information for 32-bit WAV was not displayed. 
[2016-07-08]  FIX: changing the Filter was possible even if files were currently loading.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2016-06-25]  REL: VERSION 2.78 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2016-06-19]  NEW: added support for AIF/AIFC/AIFF files with ID3v2 tags.
[2016-05-18]  FIX: addressed occasional Tag Panel repaint issue.
[2016-05-17]  NEW: added support for ITUNESOWNER field that reports the user name from the iTunes
[2016-05-13]  CHG: modified setup to not create start-menu shortcut to uninstaller on new installs.
[2016-04-24]  FIX: samplerate for some MP4 files was not reported correctly.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2016-04-23]  REL: VERSION 2.77 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2016-04-22]  LNG: updated Hungarian, Italian and Russian language files.
[2016-04-21]  FIX: runtime error when tagging FLAC files on computers with older CPUs (e.g, Pentium
                   III, Athlon XP, ...) (since 2.76).
[2016-04-20]  FIX: runtime error that appeared with some installations when displaying the file list
                   (since 2.76).
[2016-04-18]  FIX: samplerate for some MP4 files was not reported. 
[2016-04-17]  FIX: action import cover from file did not expand all placeholders and scripting
                   functions in some cases (since 2.76).
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2016-04-16]  REL: VERSION 2.76 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2016-04-11]  FIX: action import cover from file did not work if explicitly selected filename
                   contained special characters that are part of the scripting language.
[2016-04-11]  FIX: keyboard shortcuts for navigating to previous and next directory history entry
                   were not working anymore (since 2.74)
[2016-04-11]  LNG: updated Bulgarian, Czech, Japanese and Portuguese language files.
[2016-04-10]  NEW: added support for WAV files for Explorer context menu shell extension.
[2016-04-10]  FIX: revised status bar messages.
[2016-04-07]  NEW: added support for WAV files with INFO tags and ID3v2 tags.
[2016-03-28]  FIX: cover art of previously selected files was still displayed even after directory
                   change (Wine-only)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2016-02-20]  REL: VERSION 2.75 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2016-02-19]  LNG: added Corsican language file and updated Japanese language file.
[2016-02-19]  FIX: entries removed from filter history reappeared after program restart. 
[2016-02-19]  FIX: freedb web search did not work anymore (since v2.74).
[2016-02-19]  FIX: runtime error when using Mp3tag on computers with older CPUs (e.g, Pentium III,
                   Athlon XP, ...).
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2016-02-14]  REL: VERSION 2.74a (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2016-02-14]  FIX: Discogs OAuth authentication did not work on some systems (since v2.74).
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2016-02-13]  REL: VERSION 2.74 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2016-02-09]  CHG: MP4 lyrics are now stored with carriage-return and line-feed as newline sequence.
[2016-02-07]  CHG: directory list in tag panel now always shows trailing backslash for directories.
[2016-02-06]  NEW: added support for %podcastkeywords% which is mapped from ID3v2 frame TKWD and MP4
                   atom keyw.
[2016-02-06]  LNG: added Farsi language file and updated Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, French, Hebrew,
                   Italian and Slovak language files.
[2016-01-31]  CHG: Discogs OAuth authentication and default web source now uses HTTPS.
[2016-01-31]  NEW: added support for HTTPS for web sources framework.
[2016-01-30]  CHG: changed to use SHA-2 when digitally signing the installer and the program
[2016-01-17]  FIX: startup in favorite directory resulted in starting in program directory if
                   favorite directory was configured without trailing backslash at 'Options >
[2016-01-08]  NEW: added advanced configuration option for setting the ID3v2 language code used for
[2016-01-02]  FIX: runtime error when using very long field names in converter dialogs.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2015-12-19]  REL: VERSION 2.73 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2015-12-19]  LNG: updated Bulgarian, Czech and Italian language files.
[2015-12-12]  CHG: updated to libopus 1.1.1.
[2015-12-12]  NEW: added toolbar button for selecting all files.
[2015-12-10]  FIX: previous selection was lost when adding files and directories and auto-selection
                   was disabled (since v2.72b).
[2015-12-06]  CHG: file selection state is now preserved when filtering.
[2015-12-05]  NEW: configuration option to automatically select files that were added to the file
[2015-11-22]  FIX: displayed file icon was dependent on the case of the file extension on some
[2015-11-22]  CHG: added detailed error message in cases where the configuration file cannot be
                   saved when closing Mp3tag.
[2015-11-22]  CHG: CONDUCTOR field now maps to MP4 �con atom.
[2015-11-08]  NEW: added information field %_bitspersample% for some supported file types.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2015-10-10]  REL: VERSION 2.72 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2015-10-01]  NEW: added official support for Windows 10.
[2015-09-23]  CHG: updated code-signing certificate.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2015-07-18]  REL: VERSION 2.71 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2015-07-11]  FIX: fixed scaling issue that appeared on some systems where toolbar icons were not
                   rendered correctly (since v2.70).
[2015-07-09]  FIX: after selecting multiple sequences of files auto saving affected only the last
[2015-07-08]  CHG: renaming files marked as read-only does not require removing of read-only flag
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2015-05-01]  REL: VERSION 2.70 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2015-04-29]  NEW: added 24x24 and 32x32 toolbar icons which are used for high-resolution screens
                   with high DPI settings.
[2015-03-22]  NEW: added support for high-resolution screens with high DPI settings (DPI awareness).
[2015-03-22]  NEW: added 256x256 application icon.
[2015-03-22]  LNG: updated Dutch language file.
[2015-03-22]  FIX: pop-up menus overlapped screen in case taskbar location was top and menu did
                   exceed the screen height.
[2015-03-20]  FIX: length for files with a duration greater than 24h was displayed incorrectly
[2015-03-17]  FIX: runtime error at specific broken APIC frames in ID3v2 tags.
[2015-03-16]  CHG: removed associate tag from Amazon.com web sources.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2015-03-15]  REL: VERSION 2.69 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2015-03-14]  FIX: field names were not always sorted when displayed in the extended tag dialog
                   (since v2.67).
[2015-03-14]  FIX: directory names containing a dot had only the part till the dot in %_directory%
                   (since v2.67).
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2015-03-06]  REL: VERSION 2.68 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2015-03-01]  FIX: runtime errors caused by internal changes from v2.67
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2015-02-28]  REL: VERSION 2.67 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2015-02-28]  FIX: Discogs images were not retrieved for releases with only one version where the
                   release selection dialog was skipped.
[2015-02-27]  CHG: extended number of actions possibly displayed in actions pop-up menu to 500.
[2015-02-25]  CHG: updated Discogs image caching proxy (required by Discogs API change from
[2015-02-25]  CHG: removed authentication via OAuth when requesting images from Discogs (required by
                   Discogs API change from 2015-02-20).
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-12-13]  REL: VERSION 2.66 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-12-13]  NEW: added support for complex JSON object values by web sources framework functions
                   'json_select_object' and 'json_unselect_object'.
[2014-12-12]  NEW: added support for boolean values in web sources framework function 'json_select'.
[2014-12-11]  FIX: MP4 cdec field for encoder settings was not preserved when writing tags.
[2014-12-11]  CHG: added support for mouse wheel scrolling in tag panel.
[2014-12-10]  CHG: added context-specific detection of mouse-wheel usage to prevent accidentally
                   overwriting the field contents.
[2014-12-10]  FIX: updated RATING MM to use latest mapping of values. 
[2014-12-10]  FIX: removing filter from filter history did not reset filter and file list.
[2014-12-06]  FIX: field RELEASETIME was missing after resetting the tag fields list.
[2014-12-06]  FIX: adding cover art did not conform to the description in the documentation (select
                   file dialog was showing the current working directory instead of the file's
                   directory in case no default directory was provided).
[2014-12-06]  FIX: documentation of action 'Remove duplicate fields' did not mention that the first
                   value is retained.
[2014-12-06]  NEW: added scripting function $strcmp to compare strings case-sensitively.
[2014-12-06]  NEW: added scripting function $stricmp to compare strings case-insensitively.
[2014-12-06]  FIX: documentation of scripting function $eql did not mention that strings are
                   compared case insensitive. 
[2014-12-06]  FIX: scripting function $eql was not working correctly if strings contained umlauts or
                   diacritic characters.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-10-26]  REL: VERSION 2.65a (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-10-26]  FIX: Discogs web source now uses %20 as word separator (using + gave HTTP 401
                   Unauthorized in some cases).
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-10-18]  REL: VERSION 2.65 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-10-03]  CHG: added Discogs image caching through dedicated caching server.
[2014-10-02]  FIX: web sources framework function 'ifnot' did not work for empty parameter in some
[2014-09-24]  CHG: web sources framework function 'json_select_array' does not create error result
                   in case parameter does not refer to an array.  
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-09-20]  REL: VERSION 2.64 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-09-17]  CHG: Discogs web source rewritten based on Discogs JSON API.
[2014-09-17]  NEW: added JSON-related functions to web sources framework (json_foreach,
                   json_foreach_end, json_select, json_select_array, json_select_many).
[2014-08-24]  LNG: updated Italian language file.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-08-23]  REL: VERSION 2.63 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-08-21]  FIX: runtime error when closing Mp3tag on computers with older CPUs (e.g, Pentium III,
                   Athlon XP, ...).
[2014-08-21]  FIX: runtime error when performing 'File > Save configuration ...' on computers with
                   older CPUs (e.g, Pentium III, Athlon XP, ...).
[2014-08-10]  LNG: updated French language file.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-08-10]  REL: VERSION 2.62 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-08-10]  LNG: updated Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, and Korean language files.
[2014-07-14]  FIX: search requests to Discogs were not URL encoded anymore (since v2.61b).
[2014-07-14]  FIX: authentication via OAuth 1.0a for Discogs tag sources was not triggered in all
                   cases (since v2.61b).
[2014-07-13]  NEW: added authentication via OAuth 1.0a for Discogs tag sources.
[2014-07-13]  NEW: added scripting function $list(x,y,z) to official documented scripting functions.
[2014-07-12]  LNG: replaced Romanian language file by new translation from Andrei-Felix Areanu.
[2014-07-12]  FIX: runtime error when file name resulting from performing actions was one of the
                   reserved device file names CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM1-9, or LPT1-9.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-07-05]  REL: VERSION 2.61a (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-07-05]  FIX: regression that configuration could not be saved anymore (since v2.61).
[2014-07-05]  LNG: updated Hebrew language file.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-07-04]  REL: VERSION 2.61 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-07-03]  FIX: issue on some systems when selection in file list has been changed (e.g., by
                   invert selection, or click on selected files - since v2.59b). 
[2014-07-03]  FIX: runtime error when closing Mp3tag if Mp3tagSettings.zip was locked or user had no
                   write permission.
[2014-06-28]  FIX: duplicate message in preview of converter 'Text-file - Tag' for previous file in
                   case no matching file entry was found in text file.
[2014-06-28]  FIX: file dialog at converter 'Text-file - Tag' now does not ask for creation of files
[2014-06-28]  FIX: removing files from file list occasionally resulted in runtime error (since
[2014-06-24]  FIX: tab order in various dialogs was wrong.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-06-21]  REL: VERSION 2.60 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-06-20]  FIX: Tag field mapping in help file now states that YEAR is written to TYER in ID3v2.3
[2014-06-18]  FIX: Filtered file list displayed wrong files after moving files in file list (since
[2014-06-13]  CHG: Rewrote huge parts of the internal code base to use standard container libraries
                   and algorithms.
[2014-06-12]  CHG: updated Discogs web source. 
[2014-05-25]  FIX: occasional runtime error while performing undo of renaming of files.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-04-20]  REL: VERSION 2.59a (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-04-20]  FIX: fixed repainting issue at menu buttons for removing format strings from histories
                   at converter 'Filename - Filename' (since v2.59).
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-04-20]  REL: VERSION 2.59 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2014-04-20]  NEW: added taskbar progress indicator on Windows 7 and above when performing
                   potentially long-running tasks.
[2014-04-19]  NEW: added support for Direct Stream Digital Audio DSF files.
[2014-04-19]  FIX: content rating tag field ITUNESADVISORY was not displayed if set to 0 (None).
[2014-04-19]  CHG: updated help file with changed possible values for ITUNESADVISORY tag field.
[2014-04-18]  FIX: improved performance when displaying actions menu.
[2014-04-18]  NEW: menu for removing format strings from history at converter 'Filename - Filename'.
[2014-04-16]  FIX: enabling/disabling filter via 'View > Filter...' or F3 while in editing mode
                   could write data to wrong file.
[2014-04-13]  LNG: updated Bulgarian, Catalan and Russian translations.
[2014-04-13]  FIX: ID3v2.3 was read to DATE when reading but not stored as TDAT when writing.
[2014-04-13]  FIX: filtering for field HAS " " was also matching files without blanks. 
[2014-04-13]  FIX: export field parameter at $loop() was compared case-insensitive which caused
                   unexpected behavior at duplicate detection.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2013-10-06]  REL: VERSION 2.58 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2013-10-06]  CHG: improved parsing performance when reading MP4 files.
[2013-10-06]  FIX: occasionally skipped last value for multi-value ID3v2 text fields.
[2013-10-06]  CHG: reverted change: ID3v2.3 TYER/TDAT now merged into one YEAR field formatted as
                   YYYY-MM-DD (due to popular request).
[2013-10-05]  LNG: updated Czech, Finnish, Hebrew, and Spanish translations.
[2013-10-05]  FIX: added workaround for broken MP4 implementations that are writing empty cnID
[2013-10-04]  FIX: added workaround for broken MP4 implementations that are writing invalid atom
[2013-08-15]  NEW: added support for setting cover description for multiple different covers at
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2013-07-06]  REL: VERSION 2.57 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2013-07-06]  CHG: Added *.m3u8 to playlist save dialog filter.
[2013-07-03]  FIX: runtime error during undoing move operation after renaming last file in list.
[2013-07-02]  LNG: changed syntax for placeholders in language files.
[2013-06-29]  FIX: runtime error due to wrong use of placeholders in some translations.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2013-06-22]  REL: VERSION 2.56 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2013-06-22]  LNG: updated Danish, French, Hebrew, Russian, Slovenian and Turkish translations.
[2013-06-21]  CHG: updated TAK library to TAK 2.3.0.
[2013-06-21]  FIX: Performing update check occasionally resulted in runtime error.
[2013-06-09]  FIX: Changing option to show only user-defined genres had no effect until restarting
[2013-06-09]  FIX: Undo after removing first file from list had no effect.
[2013-06-08]  LNG: Lithuanian language file.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2013-04-24]  REL: VERSION 2.55a (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2013-04-22]  FIX: Mp3tag v2.55 did not work on computers with older CPUs anymore (e.g, Pentium III,
                   Athlon XP, ...).
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2013-04-20]  REL: VERSION 2.55 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2013-04-10]  FIX: Unicode characters encoded in \x{####} format gave runtime exception in web
                   sources (e.g., Amazon.de).
[2013-04-07]  NEW: added support for *.opus files for Explorer context menu shell extension.
[2013-04-04]  CHG: added special handling for iTunMOVI field name for MP4.
[2013-04-04]  FIX: preview at converter 'Tag - Tag' displayed 0 for %_counter% instead of 1.
[2013-04-03]  FIX: after deleting files the list jumps to the beginning.
[2013-04-03]  FIX: after moving files the list jumps to the beginning.
[2013-04-01]  CHG: updated MusicBrainz web source to version 1.06.
[2013-04-01]  FIX: temporary file was not removed when writing tags to Opus files (since v2.54a)
[2013-04-01]  NEW: added support for the IETF Opus codec (http://opus-codec.org/)
[2013-03-17]  CHG: improved compatibility with Windows 8.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2012-12-22]  REL: VERSION 2.54 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2012-12-21]  NEW: added official support for Windows 8.
[2012-12-10]  FIX: large decimal-encoded characters in HTML (e.g., &nnnnn;) where not translated in
                   web sources.
[2012-11-29]  FIX: menu button at filter was drawn incorrectly.
[2012-11-28]  FIX: after removing files under Windows XP the list jumps to the beginning.
[2012-11-26]  FIX: short path names where displayed when loaded from specific NAS devices in some
                   cases (since v2.53).
[2012-11-20]  LNG: Macedonian language file.
[2012-11-20]  FIX: installation in silent mode ignored language from Mp3tagSetup.ini.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2012-10-24]  REL: VERSION 2.53 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2012-10-23]  CHG: updated code-signing certificate.
[2012-10-06]  CHG: drag and drop of cover art from other applications now uses original image
                   without re-encoding whenever possible.
[2012-10-01]  CHG: Explorer context menu extension is now included in default installation.
[2012-09-29]  CHG: ID3v2.3 TYER/TDAT now merged into one YEAR field formatted as YYYY-MM-DD.
[2012-09-26]  FIX: files and folders added from command line were displayed with upper/lower case
                   from command line.
[2012-09-26]  FIX: file names added from playlists were displayed with upper/lower case from
[2012-09-25]  NEW: added support for drag and drop of cover art from Google Chrome.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2012-07-19]  REL: VERSION 2.52 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2012-07-19]  NEW: added option to specify default directory for cover art.
[2012-07-19]  NEW: added preferences page for directories used in Mp3tag.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2012-05-16]  REL: VERSION 2.51 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2012-05-14]  NEW: added support for %_counter% and %_total_files% for format string at action
                   'Import cover from file'.
[2012-05-13]  NEW: added option to specify cover type at action 'Import cover from file'.
[2012-05-06]  CHG: added extended support for HTTP 302 cases (redirect) at web sources.
[2012-05-04]  CHG: add cover now defaults to the last used cover directory if the is no cover art in
                   the file's directory.
[2012-05-04]  CHG: next file is now focused after removing files from file list.
[2012-04-07]  FIX: regression regarding output of multi-valued tag fields for discogs web sources
                   since v2.49b.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2012-03-11]  REL: VERSION 2.50 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2012-03-09]  NEW: converter 'Tag - Tag' via menu 'Converter', toolbar and Alt+5 keyboard shortcut.
[2012-03-09]  CHG: changed keyboard shortcut for actions to Alt+6 and Alt+Shift+6.
[2012-03-02]  NEW: added $verticalBar() for masking vertical bar symbol in web sources.
[2012-02-28]  FIX: truncated separator string that occurred in sayregexp result.
[2012-02-23]  NEW: support for writing of UTF-8 encoded playlists using *.m3u8 as file extension.
[2012-02-22]  FIX: regression regarding sorting filtered file lists since v2.49b.
[2012-02-21]  FIX: converter 'Filename - Tag' did not work for field names containing dots.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2012-01-16]  REL: VERSION 2.49b (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2012-01-13]  FIX: cpil atoms (compilation at MP4) set to 0x00 were not displayed.
[2012-01-13]  CHG: updated Discogs web source.
[2012-01-13]  NEW: added support for Discogs API v2.0.
[2011-11-14]  FIX: sort arrow was incorrectly shown after randomizing file list. 
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2011-11-14]  REL: VERSION 2.49a (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2011-11-09]  CHG: updated Amazon web sources.
[2011-11-09]  CHG: updated MusicBrainz web source.
[2011-09-19]  FIX: 'No' button at 'Remove all from history' menu item was ignored.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2011-06-01]  REL: VERSION 2.49 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2011-05-18]  NEW: added new field UserAgent for web sources which enables sending Mp3tag/#.## as
                   user agent if set to 1.
[2011-05-19]  CHG: updated MusicBrainz web source.
[2011-05-15]  NEW: added %rate% for MP4 file
[2011-05-15]  NEW: added %keywords% for MP4 files.
[2011-05-15]  NEW: added support for preserving unknown MP4 atoms when writing tags.
[2011-05-04]  NEW: added cover-specific %_cover_type% at action Export cover to file.
[2011-05-04]  FIX: action Export cover to file duplicated file extension for multiple covers. 
[2011-04-18]  NEW: support for inbuilt parameters MP3TAGAPP and MP3TAGAPPDATA for $getEnv.
[2011-04-18]  CHG: replaced discogs web source by web source based on discogs web service.
[2011-04-07]  CHG: updated discogs web source.
[2011-04-03]  NEW: added support for wildcards in format string of action Import cover from file.
[2011-04-03]  NEW: added support for wildcards in format string of action Import text file.
[2011-04-03]  NEW: added %rating winamp% for MP3 files.
[2011-03-26]  FIX: possible runtime error when creating new actions.
[2011-03-25]  NEW: added %itunesaccount% and %itunespurchasedate% for MP4 files.
[2011-03-22]  FIX: $rand was only seeded once per session.
[2011-03-22]  FIX: $ifLonger did not work as documented.
[2011-03-21]  NEW: added %_video_height%, %_video_width%, and %_video_bitrate% for MP4 video files.
[2011-03-21]  NEW: scripting function $getEnv.
[2011-03-21]  NEW: support for Unicode encoded web sources scripts.
[2011-03-21]  FIX: runtime error at converter preview with empty format string.
[2011-03-20]  CHG: removed action type 'Shorten filenames to 64 characters'. 
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2011-01-23]  REL: VERSION 2.48 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2011-01-23]  CHG: improved Amazon query handling.
[2011-01-22]  CHG: updated Amazon Web Sources.
[2011-01-18]  FIX: wildcard matcher for filter expressions occasionally produced runtime errors.
[2010-12-26]  FIX: click on helper menu for removing individual tag fields resulted in runtime error
                   at action 'Merge duplicate fields'.
[2010-12-06]  FIX: history at converter 'Text file - Tag' had problems with special characters.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2010-11-28]  REL: VERSION 2.47b (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2010-11-28]  NEW: helper menu for removing individual tag fields, removing all tag fields, and
                   resetting the tag fields list at tag field selection lists.
[2010-11-28]  NEW: menu item for removing all items from history at format string selection lists.
[2010-11-27]  FIX: applying changes to M4V files gave file cannot be written error message.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2010-11-19]  REL: VERSION 2.47a (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2010-11-19]  FIX: tag field renamings from v2.47 were not applied for some users.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2010-11-19]  REL: VERSION 2.47 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2010-11-11]  NEW: scripting functions $trimLeft, $trimRight, $cutLeft and $cutRight.
[2010-11-10]  CHG: menu item 'Actions' moved from 'Converter' to own top-level menu with action
                   groups as menu items.
[2010-11-08]  FIX: scripting function $IfLonger did not always return the correct result.
[2010-11-08]  FIX: some tag fields were renamed incorrectly with v2.46d.
[2010-10-26]  CHG: updated discogs web source.
[2010-10-23]  CHG: handling of Amazon web sources to allow for web sources that do not rely on AWS.
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name BAND to ALBUMARTIST
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name ALBUMSORTORDER to ALBUMSORT
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name ARTISTSORTORDER to ARTISTSORT
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name BANDSORTORDER to ALBUMARTISTSORT
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name COMPOSERSORTORDER to COMPOSERSORT
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name TITLESORTORDER to TITLESORT
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name TVSHOWSORTORDER to TVSHOWSORT
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name ITUNESCOMPILATION to COMPILATION
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name ITUNESPODCAST to PODCAST
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name ITUNESPODCASTCATEGORY to PODCASTCATEGORY
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name ITUNESPODCASTDESC to PODCASTDESC
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name ITUNESPODCASTID to PODCASTID
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name ITUNESPODCASTURL to PODCASTURL
[2010-10-10]  CHG: improved splash screen response time.
[2010-10-04]  NEW: added support for iTunes U at ITUNESMEDIATYPE MP4 field.
[2010-09-25]  FIX: ID3v2 WXXX frames with empty description were not read.
[2010-09-21]  FIX: dragging columns after resizing restored previous column width.
[2010-09-21]  CHG: file extensions is now omitted when using _FILENAME or _ALL at all action types
                   except 'Replace with regular expression'. 
[2010-09-07]  FIX: fixed possible runtime error when displaying the extended tag dialog (since
[2010-08-30]  NEW: added M4V to supported file extensions.
[2010-08-22]  NEW: added German help file (many thanks to dano!).
[2010-08-22]  FIX: filter IS and HAS did not handle umlauts in uppercase correctly.
[2010-08-17]  CHG: updated MusicBrainz tag source.
[2010-08-14]  CHG: updated discogs tag source.
[2010-08-08]  CHG: added workaround for an issue when displaying the extended tag dialog under Wine
[2010-08-02]  NEW: added support for setting cover type for multiple different covers at once.
[2010-04-22]  FIX: closing filter window when in floating state did not reset file view.
[2010-04-22]  FIX: moving file where file already exists in target resulted in duplicate entries in
                   file list.
[2010-04-22]  NEW: edit user-defined tool dialog is resizable now.
[2010-04-22]  CHG: file path of the currently selected file now displayed at caption of extended tag
[2010-04-18]  NEW: file list columns can now be rearranged via drag'n'drop.
[2010-04-18]  CHG: minor changes in default genre list.
[2010-04-17]  FIX: replace did not work in web source scripts if replacement was part of sequence to
                   be found.
[2010-04-10]  FIX: deadlock on files with malformed ID3v2 tags.
[2010-04-09]  FIX: undesired behavior when renaming _DIRECTORY through action 'Format value' with a
                   format string resulting in an empty value.
[2010-04-09]  CHG: DATE is not automatically mapped to ID3v2.4 TDRC frame anymore.
[2010-04-04]  CHG: updated discogs web source.
[2010-04-03]  CHG: changed format of %_replaygain_track_gain% and %_replaygain_album_gain% for
                   Musepack to difference values.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2010-03-20]  REL: VERSION 2.46a (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2010-03-19]  CHG: updated zlib.
[2010-03-19]  CHG: obsolete dockbar data was not removed from Windows Registry.
[2010-03-16]  FIX: MP4 atom disc was written in a way that caused specific programs (e.g., Android)
                   to not read the tag.
[2010-03-16]  FIX: occasional runtime error while reading tags.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2010-03-13]  REL: VERSION 2.46 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2010-03-13]  FIX: iTunes-specific field Encoding Params was not preserved.
[2010-03-10]  FIX: saving tags to files on some NAS drives occasionally did not work.
[2010-03-10]  FIX: blanks before extension part in file names were automatically removed at Replace
                   actions for _FILENAME.
[2010-03-09]  CHG: multiple Source fields mapped to same Target field are now merged if they have
                   the same values.
[2010-03-09]  NEW: added dedicated help page for User-defined Field Mappings.
[2010-03-04]  FIX: first file deleted from filter results returned to list on filter refresh.
[2010-03-04]  FIX: omitted slash character when used at user-defined field mappings.
[2010-03-01]  FIX: focus not moved to file list when closing Tag Panel.
[2010-02-28]  FIX: update notification also reported beta versions when using latest stable release
                   (since v2.45a).
[2010-02-27]  FIX: keyboard shortcuts for tools Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+0 did not work anymore (since
[2010-02-27]  NEW: Shift key modifier option at 'Remove from history' menu items that empties
[2010-02-27]  FIX: shell extension did not resolve symbolic links.
[2010-02-26]  CHG: improved copy and paste of tags to multiple files.
[2010-02-22]  CHG: performance improvements for MATCHES keyword when filtering using regular
[2010-02-21]  FIX: $validate removed colons in directory part of parameter instead of using
                   replacement character.
[2010-02-10]  NEW: added Ctrl+Space keyboard shortcut for displaying format string helper menu.
[2010-02-10]  FIX: runtime error when clicking the actions drop-down menu after deleting all action
[2010-02-10]  FIX: tag field mappings did not work for APEv2 tagged files.
[2010-02-07]  FIX: shell extension did not load directories with dots in their names.
[2010-02-07]  NEW: support for %_md5audio% for FLAC files.
[2010-02-06]  CHG: dockbar information now always stored in configuration file.
[2010-01-30]  NEW: Explorer context menu entry now realized via dedicated shell extension.
[2010-01-21]  FIX: placeholder %_md5audio% now only available for audio formats tagged with ID3
                   and/or APE tags.
[2010-01-21]  FIX: placeholder %_counter% was not available at action 'Export cover to file'.
[2010-01-11]  NEW: placeholder %_tool% for TAK now contains used TAK encoder version.
[2010-01-11]  CHG: extended profile information displayed in %_vbr% for TAK files.
[2010-01-08]  CHG: updated TAK decoder library tak_deco_lib.dll to TAK 2.0.0.
[2009-12-24]  CHG: user-defined fields are not truncated to 255 characters in MP4 anymore.
[2009-12-24]  CHG: now displays technical information of the first audio track in MP4 (instead of
                   the first track).
[2009-12-20]  FIX: menu 'Edit, Select all files' only worked if file list had focus.
[2009-12-20]  FIX: sort indicator in file view was not reset if playlists were loaded or files were
[2009-12-20]  FIX: removing files from filter result caused files that do not match the filter
                   expression to be displayed.
[2009-12-13]  CHG: COPYRIGHT field now maps to MP4 cprt atom.
[2009-12-13]  NEW: added field PRESENT keyword to filter for files that contain a specific field in
                   their tags.
[2009-12-09]  NEW: support for reordering files via drag and drop at Tag Sources dialog.
[2009-12-07]  CHG: adjusted MP4 mediatype mappings to reflect changes in iTunes 9.
[2009-12-04]  CHG: SUBTITLE at MP4 now contains what previously was ITUNESPODCASTDESC which now
                   contains the long description.
[2009-12-04]  FIX: workaround for MP4 files with unconventional avcC atoms.
[2009-12-02]  CHG: updated discogs web source.
[2009-12-02]  FIX: runtime error when sorting files after filtering with an invalid filter
[2009-11-29]  CHG: file extension is now not selected when renaming files in file list.
[2009-11-29]  CHG: Tag Sources selection dialog now remembers its selection state and sorting of
                   search results.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2009-11-27]  REL: VERSION 2.45a (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2009-11-25]  FIX: some MP4 parsers had problems with additional 0x00 at hdlr atom name. 
[2009-11-24]  FIX: internal error when last used sorting column was greater than the total number of
                   enabled columns.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2009-11-21]  REL: VERSION 2.45 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2009-11-18]  FIX: internal selection state was not reset when loading files via drag and drop
                   (since v2.44a).
[2009-11-15]  LNG: Swedish translation reworked by Matthias Stasiak.
[2009-11-08]  CHG: removed built-in field mapping from WRITER to COMPOSER at MP4.
[2009-11-07]  NEW: hex-encoded HTML entities are now also translated in Tag Sources.
[2009-11-07]  FIX: moving files from one directory to another via drag'n'drop resulted in
                   unresponsive program (since v2.44a).
[2009-11-05]  FIX: query strings containing equal or ampersand signs did not work with Amazon Tag
[2009-11-05]  FIX: undo remove or write tag operations sometimes refreshed wrong files in file view
                   (since v2.44a).
[2009-11-01]  FIX: sorting filtered results displayed files that were not matched by the filter
[2009-11-01]  CHG: trailing pipe symbol in fields filled by Tag Sources are now removed.
[2009-10-31]  NEW: installer and program now digitally signed.
[2009-10-29]  FIX: numerical ID3v2 frames TLEN, TBPM and TDAT were always written in Unicode instead
                   of ISO-8859-1.
[2009-10-27]  CHG: changed %_total% to be empty if there is no total number of tracks stored in the
                   track field.
[2009-10-24]  NEW: added support for multi-line fields (for e.g., Lyrics) in Tag Panel.
[2009-10-23]  FIX: lines in M3U playlists consisting of blanks only resulted in the M3U's directory
                   being loaded.
[2009-10-23]  CHG: multiple values of fields in Tag Panel are now also listed in drop-down fields
[2009-10-23]  FIX: applying actions on _FILENAME did not always remove invalid characters.
[2009-10-23]  FIX: tag panel was not updated after removing files from file list (since v2.44a)
[2009-10-18]  FIX: dropping directories from optical drives was always interpreted as add directory
                   regardless of Ctrl-key state.
[2009-10-18]  FIX: action Case Conversion (Sentence) and $caps3 gave different results.
[2009-10-17]  FIX: importing covers via Web Sources occasionally resulted in erroneous mimetype
                   containing charset descriptions.
[2009-10-17]  NEW: added MATCHES keyword to filter using regular expressions. 
[2009-10-17]  FIX: dropping cover art to extended tag dialog stopped working (since v2.44).
[2009-10-12]  CHG: empty fields from web source are no longer listed in tag sources dialog.
[2009-10-12]  FIX: query strings containing question marks did not work with Amazon Tag Source.
[2009-10-01]  FIX: drag'n'drop of non-audio files resulted in blank line in file view (since
[2009-10-01]  FIX: selection was not preserved when sorting in file view (since v2.44a).
[2009-09-26]  FIX: spaces in quoted filter strings were ignored.
[2009-09-26]  FIX: occasional runtime error on Export (since v2.44a).
[2009-09-26]  FIX: selection state did not update after filtering (since v2.44a).
[2009-09-26]  FIX: selecting multiple files via Shift+Arrow keys did not set  to fields with
                   different content in Tag Panel (since v2.44a).
[2009-09-25]  FIX: saving tags when using arrow keys/single mouse click did not work anymore (since
[2009-09-25]  FIX: selecting multiple files did not set  to fields with different content in
                   Tag Panel (since v2.44a).
[2009-09-25]  FIX: fixed $loop(%field%) still limited after $loop(%field%,n) at export.
[2009-09-23]  NEW: support for user-defined field name mappings.
[2009-09-23]  CHG: updated MusicBrainz web source.
[2009-09-18]  FIX: occasional runtime error when writing tags to malformed FLAC files.
[2009-09-18]  CHG: improved status reporting when files are added via drag and drop.
[2009-09-18]  NEW: added *.flc (used for FLAC in some programs) to list of supported file
[2009-09-16]  CHG: converter 'Text file - Tag' now runs in separate thread with progress dialog.
[2009-09-13]  FIX: fixed resizing issue at convert dialogs.
[2009-09-08]  CHG: addressed performance issues when reading OGG files with large metadata values.
[2009-09-07]  NEW: filter now supports filter expressions.
[2009-09-07]  CHG: filtering is now done in separate thread. 
[2009-09-03]  FIX: occasional runtime error when removing tags from Ogg Vorbis files.
[2009-09-02]  NEW: added support for preserving mp3HD correction data.
[2009-09-01]  FIX: fixed lost focus after editing via the extended tags dialog.
[2009-08-31]  FIX: occasional runtime error when canceling writing operations.
[2009-08-21]  CHG: filter now enabled by default.
[2009-08-21]  CHG: changed appearance of lists to themed style under Vista and above.
[2009-08-15]  CHG: removed German help files.
[2009-08-15]  CHG: removed Quick Launch Shortcut installer option for Windows 7 and above.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2009-08-14]  REL: VERSION 2.44 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2009-08-14]  NEW: added MusicBrainz Web Source.
[2009-08-14]  NEW: added Cover-only Amazon Web Sources.
[2009-08-14]  NEW: added F2 keyboard shortcut for editing in Tag Sources dialog.
[2009-08-14]  FIX: fixed UI glitches when editing long titles at Tag Sources dialog.
[2009-08-14]  NEW: Windows 7 now officially supported.
[2009-08-13]  CHG: changelog now English-only.
[2009-08-12]  FIX: fixed problem with entering certain polish characters where AltGr (right Alt) key
                   was involved.
[2009-08-12]  CHG: improvements for keyboard navigation at extended tags dialog.
[2009-08-12]  FIX: action Case Conversion on Vorbis Comments field names did not take Date, Year,
                   and Organization into account.
[2009-08-11]  CHG: added reporting of ID3v2 parsing errors as !BAD ID3v2 in tag field.
[2009-08-11]  FIX: pasting a non-existent directory to the directory switcher resulted in a phantom
[2009-08-10]  CHG: added Amazon API signing.
[2009-08-10]  CHG: added *.jpeg to supported file extensions for displaying cover art from
[2009-08-10]  FIX: fixed wrong splitting of artist names containing slash characters for freedb web
[2009-07-19]  CHG: workaround for Firefox 3.5 dragged images always reported as BMP files.
[2009-07-19]  FIX: possible runtime error with Ogg Vorbis cover art.
[2009-07-19]  FIX: action 'Export cover to file' stopped working (since v2.43b).
[2009-07-19]  FIX: command-line parameter /fp on non-existent directory loads all tracks of upper
[2009-07-11]  CHG: updated used TAK SDK to version 1.1.1.
[2009-07-11]  FIX: fields greater than 255 characters were not truncated in MP4 tags.
[2009-07-11]  NEW: support for cover art for Ogg Vorbis files. 
[2009-07-11]  FIX: random runtime error when starting Mp3tag with multiple files from the Explorer
                   context menu.
[2009-07-04]  CHG: increased number of possible user-defined tools.
[2009-07-04]  FIX: pressing 'Cancel' on write-protected files did not cancel to complete tag-writing
                   process but only skipped the protected file.
[2009-07-04]  CHG: unlocalized strings now defaulting to English.
[2009-07-04]  FIX: minor fixes regarding file path canonicalization and validation.
[2009-06-30]  FIX: removing fields by writing empty values was not possible anymore (since 2.43a).
[2009-06-28]  NEW: support for Musepack SV8.
[2009-06-26]  CHG: updated internal value mapping for MediaMonkey rating field RATING MM to address
                   changes in MM 3.1.
[2009-06-19]  FIX: occasional runtime error while parsing ill-formed UFID frames in ID3v2 tags.
[2009-06-07]  FIX: scripting functions used at 'Replace with' of action 'Replace with regular
                   expressions' were not evaluated anymore (since v2.43).
[2009-06-06]  FIX: action 'Merge duplicate fields' merged all fields instead of only given one.
[2009-06-06]  CHG: action 'Merge duplicate fields' now also takes _ALL as field name to merge all
[2009-06-05]  FIX: overflow with negative values as second parameter for $num scripting function.
[2009-06-05]  FIX: action 'Convert codepage' did not work in some cases.
[2009-05-12]  NEW: multiple-valued fields can now also be created via 'Format value' actions (values
                   separated by \\).
[2009-05-11]  NEW: field %_cover_type% containing cover type of first embedded cover art. 
[2009-05-11]  FIX: adding cover art via drag and drop was not possible anymore after modifying tag
                   panel fields via 'Options > Tag Panel'.
[2009-05-11]  NEW: multiple-valued fields can now also be created via direct editing in the file
                   view (values separated by \\).
[2009-05-10]  FIX: updated discogs.com web source.
[2009-05-09]  CHG: preventing accidentally hiding of columns in the file view.
[2009-04-30]  FIX: internal changes to prevent runtime errors on invalid file paths.
[2009-04-10]  NEW: option 'Correct aspect ratio' at right-click menu of cover art window.
[2009-04-08]  FIX: previous installation directory was not remembered by the installation program.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2009-03-28]  REL: VERSION 2.43 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2009-03-26]  CHG: Ctrl+A in Tag Panel edit fields now selects all text.
[2009-03-26]  NEW: added support for ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) information fields (bitrate,
                   codec, ...).
[2009-03-18]  LNG: Hebrew language file.
[2009-03-10]  FIX: action 'Format value' with $regexp resulted in duplication of existing dollar
                   signs in value.
[2009-03-09]  FIX: text in Tag Panel fields was always selected if panel was resized.
[2009-03-08]  NEW: added functions SayNextNumber, SayNextWord, SayNewline, SayRegexp und Unspace for
                   Web Sources Framework.
[2009-03-08]  CHG: Genre field at 'Options > Tag Panel > Default values' now editable.
[2009-03-03]  FIX: aspect ratio was not kept when displaying cover art that exceeded the size of the
                   cover art window.
[2009-02-28]  CHG: internal undo buffer gets reset when changing directories now.
[2009-02-28]  NEW: keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Tab and Shift+Ctrl+Tab for fast navigation between
[2009-02-26]  FIX: overflow at total size in status bar for large archives.
[2009-02-11]  CHG: improved performance at creating local freedb indexes.
[2009-02-11]  CHG: year field now accepts input longer than 4 characters.
[2009-02-08]  NEW: added mappings for WM/AlbumSortOrder, WM/ArtistSortOrder, and WM/TitleSortOrder
                   for WMA tags.
[2009-02-08]  NEW: more size-efficient layout of Tag Panel in horizontal mode.
[2009-02-08]  NEW: option to hide the directory switcher from the Tag Panel.
[2009-02-03]  LNG: Danish language file.
[2009-01-30]  FIX: fixed several issues with handling multiple values for WMA tag fields.
[2009-01-13]  NEW: notification dialog if files referenced in a playlist cannot be read.
[2008-12-31]  NEW: support for %_total_files% in SearchBy part of Web Sources.
[2008-12-30]  FIX: minor UI glitch with line cursor at Tag Sources menu.
[2008-12-30]  CHG: extended list of default columns for initial installations.
[2008-12-30]  CHG: extended fields Album Artist, Composer, and Discnumber are now displayed in Tag
                   Panel (see 'Options > Tag Panel' for configuration).
[2008-12-30]  FIX: preview at 'Text file - Tag' ignored blank lines.
[2008-12-30]  FIX: TVEPISODE and TVSEASON set by iTunes were not read.
[2008-12-24]  FIX: some genres from the extended list of ID3v1 genres were not allowed as standard
                   genres in MP4 tags.
[2008-12-24]  LNG: Ukrainian language file.
[2008-12-28]  LNG: Vietnamese language file.
[2008-12-12]  CHG: consistently removing empty tag fields when saving tags now.
[2008-12-05]  FIX: column presets were not included in backup via 'File > Save configuration'.
[2008-12-05]  CHG: column presets are now stored in %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\columns.
[2008-11-30]  FIX: improved error handling for 0 bytes sized files.
[2008-11-24]  FIX: improved error handling for broken APIC frames. 
[2008-11-22]  NEW: option to check for updates on program startup.
[2008-11-22]  NEW: function sayuntilml for web sources framework.
[2008-11-16]  FIX: runtime error while trying to read empty ID3v2 UFID frames.
[2008-11-09]  CHG: updated discogs tag source.
[2008-11-06]  FIX: lost keyboard focus after removing last cover via extended tag dialog.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2008-10-25]  REL: VERSION 2.42 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2008-10-14]  LNG: Belarusian language file.
[2008-10-14]  FIX: calculation of bitrate at APE files ignored APEv2 tag size.
[2008-10-14]  FIX: cancel option at Tag Sources was ignored when asking whether existing cover in
                   directory should be overwritten.
[2008-09-26]  FIX: undo rename overwrote tag of current visible files in some rare error cases.
[2008-09-17]  FIX: runtime error when undoing operations for files where file name contained percent
[2008-09-13]  CHG: SHOW and SHOWSORTORDER MP4 tags renamed to TVSHOW and TVSHOWSORTORDER.
[2008-09-13]  CHG: memory consumption improvements for large music libraries with cover art.
[2008-08-12]  NEW: action type 'Split fields by separator'
[2008-08-11]  NEW: tag sources dialogs now with Back buttons.
[2008-08-06]  FIX: changing cover to 'Back cover' was ignored at MP4s with Nero Digital tags.
[2008-08-02]  FIX: binary ID3v2 UFID frames were not read and preserved correctly.
[2008-08-02]  FIX: fixed wrong button state at column configuration dialog.  
[2008-07-30]  NEW: support for drag'n'drop of cover art from Mp3tag.
[2008-07-26]  NEW: support for padding in Ogg Vorbis files to improve tag writing performance.
[2008-07-25]  CHG: removing and deleting of files now separated into different menu items.
[2008-07-24]  FIX: possible crash caused by ill-formatted action files.
[2008-07-16]  CHG: installer information is now stored at HKLM or HKCU in Windows Registry based on
                   user privileges.
[2008-07-06]  FIX: minor issues with displaying of error messages.
[2008-07-05]  NEW: type and description of cover art can now also be set via the Tag Sources dialog.
[2008-07-02]  NEW: support for Ogg Vorbis files with OGA file extension.
[2008-07-02]  FIX: drag'n'drop of cover art from Firefox 3 did not work.
[2008-05-30]  FIX: installer ignored different user-defined start-menu folder.
[2008-05-30]  FIX: 'Edit > Undo' was not activated in all cases.
[2008-05-30]  FIX: fixed possible deadlock situation at action 'Remove fields except'.
[2008-05-28]  FIX: playcounter of ID3v2 POPM frame was written to the wrong byte.
[2008-05-27]  NEW: context menu for cover-related functions now also available at the extended tags
[2008-05-18]  NEW: scripting functions $meta(x), $meta(x,n), and $meta_sep(x,sep).
[2008-05-18]  CHG: fields with multiple matching values are now displayed individually at the
                   extended tags dialog also for multiple files. 
[2008-05-17]  FIX: progress bar showed wrong status in some cases when reading multiple directories
                   from Explorer.
[2008-05-17]  FIX: runtime error under Windows Vista at accessing MP3 files that have been moved
                   outside of Mp3tag. 
[2008-05-17]  FIX: horizontal scrollbar wasn't displayed after changing columns on some systems.
[2008-05-17]  NEW: description of cover art can now be changed via the context menu of the cover art
                   display in the main view.
[2008-05-17]  NEW: type of cover art can now be changed via the context menu of the cover art
                   display in the main view.
[2008-05-17]  NEW: type of cover art is now displayed in the main view.
[2008-05-17]  CHG: open and save dialogs are resizeable now.
[2008-05-10]  FIX: arrow symbol for helper menu at 'Tag - Filename' was not displayed on some
[2008-05-06]  CHG: handling of Ctrl+A in edit fields to select all text.
[2008-05-06]  CHG: line breaks in multi-line edit fields now via Ctrl+Return.
[2008-05-04]  NEW: added _FOLDERPATH filtering option.
[2008-05-04]  CHG: filtering by _PATH uses the complete file path now.
[2008-05-04]  FIX: deleting files with Ctrl+Del sometimes only removed them from the file list.
[2008-05-01]  FIX: some actions created empty tag fields if applied to non-existing tag fields with
                   the same name.
[2008-05-01]  CHG: line breaks in ID3v2 comments now CR LF (0x0D 0x0A) instead of 0x0A for
                   compatibility reasons.
[2008-04-22]  CHG: Mp3tag now ignores the tag alter preservation flag in ID3v2 frames.

------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
              NEW: new feature
              CHG: change
              FIX: bugfix
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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